Boost seasonal consumption Beijing Suning issues 50000 air conditioning coupons

As the weather gets hotter, the demand for air conditioning is increasing. On May 20, a reporter from Beijing business daily learned that Beijing Suning will issue 50000 air-conditioning non threshold cooling coupons, with a total value of 5 million yuan, from May 21 to June 20. Hao Jia, general manager of Suning e-buy in Beijing, said that the purchase intention of users is closely related to the upgrading of products, and the city wide issuance of refreshing coupons can stimulate the sales of new products.

It is reported that this is the second time during the consumption season that Beijing Suning has issued threshold free consumption coupons. Previously, from April 28 to May 5, the coupon rate of Beijing Suning non threshold consumption coupon was as high as 51.74%, and the sales scale increased by 23.7% year on year and 53.6% month on month.

According to the reporter, users can receive the “Beijing Suning” WeChat public number, “Su Ningyun store” mini program, official account of “Beijing Suning” official micro-blog and so on from May 21st to June 20th, and then use it in offline stores.

The update rhythm of household appliances is very fast, and the trend of younger is becoming the mainstream. Peng Xiandong, general manager of large household appliances division of China Yikang GfK, said that as far as air conditioning is concerned, consumer groups are gradually becoming younger. In 2021, air conditioning products will show four trends: more energy-saving, more comfortable, healthier and better looking.

On the contrary, the faster the update speed will lead to the faster elimination speed, so the recycling of air conditioning is also a good business. In fact, in 2019, Suning e-buy launched the “fixed frequency delisting” project, and in 2020, it will launch the “old for green” action on this basis. It is reported that at present, the popularization rate of the new energy-efficient air-conditioners on the whole platform has exceeded 90%. Suning e-buy has recycled more than 3.6 million old air-conditioners for green through all channels, and the conversion amount has exceeded 10 billion yuan.

Trade in is not only the replacement of objects, but also a comprehensive comparison of services, goods and prices. Xu Zhong, vice president of Suning e-buy appliance group, believes that the seamless docking of the system can be realized from the aspects of dismantling, installation, price comparison, experience and cross category renewal, so as to ensure the convenience and rapidity of the whole renewal process. For Suning, trade in is not a simple business, it is also an important fulcrum for Suning to develop green economy and promote industry transformation.

Beijing Business News (reporter Zhao zhuolan)

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