It’s really cool to watch my husband with it

In recent days, there are always people around to watch an episode of Amway’s my husband, and they find that it’s really fragrant, and it’s exploding all the time, especially at the top. But when you watch it on your mobile phone or PC, you always feel that the field of vision is too small, which is hard to say. Looking at the four white walls of the rental house, a bold idea suddenly sprouted – to buy a portable projector! Start when the Bay D3x projector, left hand coke, right hand fried chicken, kick off slippers, lying in bed. The light of science and technology comes from the projector, and there are colorful pictures on the plain white wall, opening the happiness gate of dopamine secretion by the brain with one click.

First, when the Bay D3x excels in its superior brightness. It is equipped with 2020 German OSRAM LED technology light source, the brightness of the picture can easily achieve 1050ansi lumen, and the service life can reach 30000 hours. At the same time, the projector is most afraid of “dying in the light”. With 1050ansi lumen, this D3x still has a good playback effect in the daytime. After diffuse reflection, the light of the screen light source is soft, which greatly reduces the damage to the eyeball. When the plot trend of my husband makes me want to stop, I can watch a few more episodes without fatigue.

As the representative product of this year’s light luxury intelligent projection, dangbei D3x is small in size and can be placed on the coffee table at will without taking up too much space. For families with small space between living rooms, this is particularly convenient and more valuable indoor space is saved. The color matching of panda is simple and durable, and it will not appear abrupt even if it is integrated into various home designs.

Whether a high-tech item can be popular or not depends not on whether the technology is cool, but on whether the laziest group of people can experience convenience. A mature projector has basically learned to take care of itself. When the TOF laser sensor is equipped on the bd3x, its breakthrough focusing algorithm can automatically focus in real time without manual adjustment, realizing the integration of automatic, senseless, fast, accurate and clear, so that the picture always presents a high-definition state, and there will be no distractions from the drama update.

At the same time, when the shell D3x also has automatic trapezoidal correction function, real-time capture of the state of the projection picture, the upper, lower, left and right sides of the automatic adjustment, always show the square picture. The high sensitivity gyroscope on the fuselage can sense the change of position and angle in real time, and is not limited by space. Even if we place the projector at will, the picture can quickly return to square. When I get home, I don’t have to spend much time to eat and chase my husband at the same time!

In the aspect of picture performance, when beid3x is specially equipped with MEMC motion compensation technology, the picture effect can be more realistic and stable, and the processing can be more precise. After all, the millisecond level frame compensation technology can effectively eliminate the dragging phenomenon of the moving picture, so that the turn of each actor in “my husband” can be clear.

But, lifelike picture quality does not have the good sound collocation to be able to almost taste. Dangbei D3x adopts Japanese high-end silk paper basin, and is equipped with two high fidelity full frequency loudspeakers. At the same time, the five-star golden ear acoustic craftsman carefully adjusts EQ, SPL and thd to present 2.0 channel stereo sound effect for our picky ears. Its built-in strong Viper sound makes the sound more delicate. Even the thin voice can present a multi-level sense. Song Yi’s proud little ending can also be vivid in our ears.

In terms of operating system, dangbei D3x has dangbei OS exclusive to dangbei projection family, which can not only boot without advertising, but also customize your desktop as you like. At the same time, its built-in intelligent memory optimization technology keeps the system in a good state, improves performance, and resists a bit of stuck phenomenon. We can use the remote control APP or OS official account, and we can easily retrieve the remote control when the remote controller is lost. In addition, dangbei remote app also supports “remote home”, “message board”, “remote video push” and other new play methods, so that smart home life is no longer imagination.

When the Bay D3x has children’s desktop design is to let the majority of parents put ten thousand heart. Children’s desktop can not only enrich the video content that children see and help their children learn, but also filter bad content and strictly control children’s watching time. It can automatically set the bottom line for children in terms of content and time, so that children can grow up in a healthier environment.

In general, there is no doubt that dangbei D3x, which is “long” and has superior brightness of 1050ansi lumen, powerful dynamic picture compensation processing technology and moving sound effect, can present a high-quality picture with a full sense of hierarchy. At the same time, the problems of screen trapezoidal correction and focusing, which are very distressing to the projector, have been solved. Such a high quality dangbei D3x, let it make its debut in your family entertainment!

By Ellen



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