Word of mouth soars, where is my GT Neo “fragrance”?

According to the latest statistics released by counterpoint, a well-known global analysis company, sales of realme in the first quarter of 2021 increased by 82% on a month on month basis and 451% on a year-on-year basis, making it the No.1 brand in China’s Q1 growth rate. This trend continues with the continuous hot sales of zhenwo GT series, especially zhenwo GT Neo, the flagship of Zhenxiang with 2000 yuan, which has achieved a sales volume of more than 200000 units in 20 days and helped realme achieve a new record of more than 1 million units per month in the Chinese market. While the sales volume is rising, the Hukou stele is also continuing to ferment, and the major e-commerce platforms are highly praised. Behind the double sales reputation, it has something to do with my GT Neo’s own excellent strength and extreme cost performance.

口碑暴涨,真我GT Neo“香”在哪?

Tianji 1200 blessing game and 5g experience

Powerful performance and excellent game experience are the most concentrated parts of the e-commerce platform. Zhenwo GT Neo is first equipped with Tianji 1200 processor, which adopts TSMC’s advanced 6nm process, and the CPU adopts three slave architecture. Among them, the A78 super core has a dominant frequency of 3.0hz, plus the mail-g77 mc9 GPU and the dual channel ufs3.1, the overall performance is greatly improved. In Antu’s V9 run, zhenwo GT Neo scored 710000.

口碑暴涨,真我GT Neo“香”在哪?

In the comments, users are full of praise for the game performance of real me GT Neo. Mainstream games such as “peace elite” and “King’s glory” can be easily controlled. In addition to the blessing of Tianji 1200, 3D liquid cooling and GT mode, which releases extreme performance, provide users with strong guarantee in the game process.

口碑暴涨,真我GT Neo“香”在哪?

As a performance flagship of 5g era, the 5g performance of zhenwo GT Neo is also excellent. It supports dual card and dual 5g standby, uses dual carrier aggregation technology to achieve faster network connection speed through the aggregation of two frequency bands, and the integrated 5g baseband has better power consumption advantage. While ensuring the daily communication needs, the game video and other scenes are deeply optimized. Users can enjoy a smooth network connection anytime and anywhere, which has a very obvious perception in the actual experience of users.

Trendy play design takes the lead in all-around design

Besides Neixiu, the key of a mobile phone to impress young people lies in its beauty. Real me GT Neo still adheres to the fashion design concept of realme. Its lightweight fuselage, brand-new box logo design, and cyberpunk elements loved by young people all make its design very exciting. In particular, the “Final Fantasy” color matching can highlight the personality and attitude of young people.

口碑暴涨,真我GT Neo“香”在哪?

The real GT Neo allows users to call “real fragrance” directly, not only because of its high-performance configuration and high appearance value, but also because of its comprehensive and balanced experience. Real me GT Neo provides 4500mAh + 50W intelligent flash charging solution with high efficiency and full power at any time.

64 million ultra clear wide-angle three shot combination, covering more scenes and focal segments, not only meets the daily recording needs, but also becomes a creative tool. In addition, the new generation of pure raw night scene algorithm, super dark video 2.0, neon portrait and streamer portrait style, as well as 16 million pixel ultra wide-angle self shot lens, whether photos or videos, etc, Day or night can shoot satisfactory results, leaving a beautiful moment.

12 + 256g super cost-effective comprehensive stock without waiting

With the comprehensive breakthrough in cost performance, performance and design, zhenwo GT series has become a “flagship shooter” worthy of the name. The 120Hz super AMOLED electronic competition screen, Dolby panoramic sound + stereo double lift, linear motor, fingerprint under the screen, multi-functional NFC, 3.5mm headphone interface, etc. equipped by zhenwo GT Neo, all bring an extremely comprehensive use experience. And zhenwo GT will become the first model equipped with Android 12, and continue to provide users with leapfrog experience.

口碑暴涨,真我GT Neo“香”在哪?

The “fragrance” of GT Neo is also reflected in the price, especially the super large memory version of 12gb + 256gb, which has become the first choice for many users with its high cost performance. The key point is that zhenwo GT series is in full stock. In the environment of chip shortage, it is not easy to make such sufficient stock, so that users can immediately enjoy the ultimate experience without waiting! With cool design, extreme performance and comprehensive experience, real GT Neo is a flagship that can easily cut hands for both student party and white-collar workers. Therefore, if you have a demand for a machine, you should not miss this flagship that is worth starting with for 2000 yuan.



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