How to choose excellent sweeping robot? We should pay attention to these points

With the development of science and technology at this stage, the category of sweeping robot has gone through many years of development, becoming more mature in the market, and gradually into a more sinking market. Sweeping robot can liberate people’s labor to a great extent, so that users do not need to worry about frequent household cleaning. In this kind of products, the traditional sweeping robot has been gradually upgraded. At this stage, most of the middle and high-end products will integrate the wet towing function, and upgrade the product to the sweeping and towing robot. But how to choose among many products? This requires us to understand.

One is the cleaning ability

At present, the sweeping robot mainly adopts brushless fan as the source of its suction. Its main principle is similar to that of vacuum cleaner, but because of its automatic property, it can avoid the fatigue caused by the user’s hands-on. So in terms of cleaning ability, the greater the suction, the better the adsorption of dust, paper scraps and a series of pollutants on the ground. And in the carpet, brick seam can also better absorb pollutants, to achieve better cleaning effect.

In addition, the sweeping robot will also sweep up some floating dust when cleaning. Without a large suction fan, the floating dust may cause secondary pollution. With a large suction fan, the swept floating dust can be well absorbed.

However, in the integrated robot of sweeping and towing, there are two types of water outlet at the present stage: electric control water tank and non electric control water tank, and the purchase of electric control water tank is preferred. Because it can discharge water more accurately, it can better obtain the uniform distribution of humidity, and on the model with electronic water tank, it generally supports the user to further adjust the water output of different gears, so as to better adapt to local conditions.

In addition, in the way of mopping, at this stage, some models also use the high-frequency vibration mopping system, which can be understood and paid attention to when they are purchased. The use of high-frequency vibration can better disintegrate the stains on the ground, and has better cleaning ability in use.

Second, obstacle avoidance and planning

In the past, most of the sweeping robots only used collision sensors. At this stage, with the upgrading of the sweeping robots, most of the sweeping robots are equipped with laser ranging sensors to build the house map model and complete the path planning. In recent years, with the maturity of technology, more and more sweeping robots use more advanced sensors for map modeling and path planning. For example, at this stage, most of the high-end sweeping robots will choose to be equipped with LDS lidar to improve the detection ability.

When buying a sweeping robot at this stage, we can know whether it is equipped with a series of functions such as LDS lidar, TOF sensor, visual recognition, structured light and so on.

The LDS lidar navigation technology can detect the contour range around the house by laser, and through a series of data, the sweeping robot can use the LDS lidar navigation technology to accurately judge its position in the home environment, sense the direction, and then carry out accurate positioning.

TOF sensor, 3D binocular recognition sensor or structured light sensor can help the sweeping robot judge the distance of the obstacles in front, and identify the size or category of objects, so as to effectively avoid obstacles and prevent other accidents caused by touching obstacles.

Third, convenient use:

For users, an excellent sweeping robot product, using mobile app for remote setting and control, can meet the needs of remote cleaning, and can make more detailed settings through mobile app, such as suction and water output control.

In addition to the fine control of the mobile app, the sweeper robot should also be equipped with a variety of basic functions of the entity button, so that users can use it conveniently without using the app.

In addition to convenient operation, convenient maintenance is also a key place. After each cleaning, the automatic dust collection enables users to uniformly handle the dirt after a period of time, which can further improve the user experience, and is also the function point of the current high-end robots.

So at this stage, are there any products that match these characteristics? Take a look at the t7s plus, a stone sweeping robot recently launched by stone technology.

In terms of cleaning capacity, t7s plus stone is equipped with a large suction fan up to 2500pa, which can effectively absorb all kinds of dirt on the ground and prevent secondary pollution caused by dust floating due to insufficient suction. And the stone t7s plus also upgrades the main brush from the traditional brush to the rubber brush. In addition to the upgrade of the main brush, the omni-directional floating main brush module is further introduced, similar to the electric shaver, which can better fit the ground and improve the cleaning ability.


New and upgraded main brush

In terms of wet towing, the stone t7s plus adopts 300ml electric control water tank, which can carry out fine effluent control and wet towing coverage of up to 250 square meters. In addition to the large capacity electric control water tank, the stone t7s plus also has a new upgrade for the function of wiping the ground. At present, it is the only ground cleaning robot with both acoustic vibration and intelligent lifting system.


Large capacity water tank + acoustic vibration

T7s plus uses high frequency vibration to clean stubborn stains better, with a vibration frequency of up to 3000 times per minute, which can clean stains well. It also supports intelligent control lifting floor wiping module, which will automatically lift when carpet is detected to prevent wet mop from contacting with carpet.


In terms of obstacle avoidance and planning, the stone t7s plus is equipped with high-precision LDS lidar and 3D double structured light. Through the LDS lidar, we can accurately detect the range and large objects in the home. The 3D double structured light, combined with the AI obstacle avoidance strategy developed by stone technology, can detect the front of the sweeping robot at millimeter level and effectively avoid obstacles. For users, it is more convenient to use. With the automatic lifting floor wiping module, it can effectively cover a variety of ground environments in the home environment.


Delta LDS lidar + 3D structured light sensor

In terms of convenient use, stone technology has prepared its own mobile app for its products, through which a series of setting operations can be carried out. In addition to the exclusive mobile app, the stone t7s plus also supports access to the Mijia app for operation, and can also access a series of smart home products such as Xiaoai classmate, tmall Genie and Xiaodu audio for linkage operation.


Mobile app operation

In addition to intelligent operation, the stone t7s plus is also equipped with physical buttons. The body of the stone t7s plus is equipped with three independent buttons, from left to right are the recharge key, the clean / start key and the local clean key, corresponding to three functions.


Delta fuselage physics button

Stone t7s plus can also be further equipped with automatic dust collector. The automatic dust collector (cyclone version) launched by stone technology has a large capacity of 1.5L, which can effectively meet the dust collection demand of sweeping robot for one month. It allows users to dump garbage after a period of time, solves the problem that users need to frequently clean the dust box of sweeping robot, and is more convenient and convenient in use.


Automatic dust collecting charging stand

Stone t7s plus in addition to the above series of advantages, in the near future also has a good discount. From now on to May 31, go to tmall stone electric flagship store to make an appointment. Stone t7s Plus + dust collector set can enjoy a series of preferential activities, such as 10 yuan coupon + Gift Box + priority delivery, with an appointment of 1300 yuan.



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