Amd zen3 + mobile processor next year: new integrated graphics card

A 2022 AMD processor planning roadmap was recently revealed. The development plan of notebook platform is particularly eye-catching.

AMD ZEN3+移动处理器明年上:集成显卡换新了

In 2022, AMD is expected to release zen3 + mobile processor, which is based on 6nm process and can be matched with ddr5 memory and lpddr5 memory. Meanwhile, the integrated graphics card of zen3 + mobile processor will be upgraded to navi2.

The current mobile processors of the sharp dragon 5000 series, such as the sharp dragon 7 5800h, still use the integrated graphics card of the old architecture. I believe that next year, with the blessing of navi2 new Jixian, AMD’s high-performance light notebook will definitely gain more popularity.



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