Game chatting is not wrong, innovative gc7 sound card helps you

Nowadays, playing games is an entertainment for many people after work. Want to vent the pressure, pull the brothers to complete a bloody battle; Want to find someone to chat, call on three or five friends to start a new game. In this way, we can meet our entertainment and social needs without leaving home. And a better game experience is absolutely indispensable to an excellent sound card. Without it, how to balance the background music and the volume of chatting with friends? How to more accurately determine the location of the enemy, to win? And these, innovative gc7 sound card can be perfectly realized, come to understand it!

First of all, people who play games definitely want to have a more three-dimensional sound experience, making playing games like watching movies. The innovative gc7 sound card uses SoundPlayer chip, which can virtualize the background sound of the game and other advanced audio processing. At the same time, we can also customize the settings of other audio functions to complete the personalized audio operation.

In addition to the personalized sound effect experience, the innovative gc7 sound card’s scout mode can enhance the background audio of the game, highlight every detail in the game process, so that when we play the game, whether we hear the enemy’s heavy artillery sound or the slight sound on the grass, we can find the clues of the enemy, so as to win in the battlefield.

At the same time, the innovative gc7 sound card combined with sonic audio gives us a sense of immersion in the first person shooting games. When we hear the gunshot nearby, we can immediately grasp the direction of the gunshot and the distance from us. With such a golden finger, win the glory of victory with your friends!

How can we play games without nagging? There must be a lot of friends who have encountered the situation that the background voice is too loud and the chat voice is too small, right? At this time, the gamevoicemix function of the innovative gc7 sound card is a lifesaver. We can increase the chat volume and decrease the game audio by turning the control knob to the right. To do the opposite, we need to rotate to the left. The whole operation is very simple, Xiaobai can also quickly start, in the game world, while happy nagging, while killing the enemy!

Similarly, the innovative gc7 sound card is very rich in connection modes. It supports three modes: computer, game console and mobile phone. You can choose according to your own needs. In order to give you a more convenient and fast experience, it also provides customizable buttons, including customizing the RGB light on each button, using backlit led for games and other functions. At the same time, it also has an integrated set of access controls, so that audio, microphone and surround mode can be easily accessible. When the game is white hot, we can still quickly complete the adjustment between SoundPlayer and scout mode.

It can be said that the innovative gc7 sound card is a sublimation agent in our game experience. It can not only optimize the background music, let us have immersive feeling and more accurate hit rate, but also let us quickly balance the background music and chat volume through the knob, and chat happily with our comrades in arms while killing the enemy! In addition, there are many custom settings waiting for you to explore. What else? Want to tired after a day, back home with friends happy to eat chicken game you, hurry to start!



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