Glory Zhao Ming attends the 5g summit of Qualcomm, and glory magic3 will deeply cooperate with the most leading flagship chips of Qualcomm

On May 21, glory CEO Zhao Ming was invited to attend the 2021 Qualcomm Technology and cooperation summit and delivered a keynote speech. In the speech, Zhao Ming said that the flagship and high-end products to be released in the future will adopt the Qualcomm snapdragon platform. In the media interview session after the conference, Zhao Ming mentioned: “the next product of glory magic series is magic3, and there is no doubt that the most leading flagship chip in the industry will be adopted in glory Magic 3.”.



Super base and super optimized two-way addition work hand in hand with Qualcomm to stimulate chip potential

Super performance experience is inseparable from the blessing of the flagship chip. Glory magic3 will deeply cooperate with the most leading flagship chips of Qualcomm to build a powerful chip base and obtain significant performance gain. On this basis, it inherits the glory of Huawei’s R & D strength, has a strong chip optimization ability, and can bring more personalized performance experience to users.


Fang Fei, President of glory product line, once revealed that the main body of glory magic3 R & D team is the first R & D team of Huawei terminal. Its chip optimization ability is leading the industry. It can optimize the design of chips from the bottom. The same chip can be 10% to 15% higher than other manufacturers. Zhao Ming also said in this interview that glory has transplanted many unique functions and designs from Kirin chip to Qualcomm chip. For example, GPU turbo is the solution of cross platform GPU turbo.

Performance, image and quality are fully evolved to build a high-end all-around flagship

In addition to super performance experience, glory magic3 is also worth looking forward to in terms of image and quality. At the image level, Fang Fei, President of glory product line, said publicly that the new generation glory magic series image R & D team has gathered the most core experts, who are very familiar with the whole image algorithm of NPU and ISP, and will make a big breakthrough in image. Looking back on the glory new products of past generations, from the first bionic parallel double photography glory 6 plus, leading the industry double photography trend glory 8, to the intelligent AI photography revolution glory 10, each generation of products has well continued the glory of the image gene, I believe glory magic3 will also continue the advantages of image gene and bring more amazing image black technology.


In terms of quality, a few days ago, some media reported that Yuanhua has received a large number of orders from glory high-end flagship for mate suppliers. Glory magic3 and Huawei mate series use the same supply chain, which means glory magic3 will have mate level high-end quality.

Before that, Zhao Ming, CEO of glory, also said in an interview that he would build magic series as the industry’s top flagship products to reach and surpass the level of mate and P; In today’s interview, Zhao Ming also said that magic series is redefined as a product that honors the ultimate technology, and will become the most high-end flagship product of glory. On magic series, consumers can see the latest communication technology, the most leading photo solution in the industry, the brand-new iconic design and comprehensive performance. When Magic 3 is released, it will be the first time for consumers to see the latest communication technology, the most leading photo solution in the industry, the brand-new iconic design and comprehensive performance, Gather the great achievements of mobile phone technology at that time. It can be predicted that glory magic3 will become a new benchmark product in China’s high-end market by inheriting Huawei’s technology, quality and other advantages.

With the technology enabling of the most leading flagship chip of Qualcomm, the addition of its strong chip optimization ability, and the image breakthrough brought by Yuanhua’s operation for the main body of the first R & D team of the terminal, glory magic3 will upgrade the new standard of high-end flagship with its own comprehensive evolution in the dimensions of performance, image and performance, bring users a more quality experience, and re empower the market, Leading the exploration of the high-end road of Chongding. According to Zhao Ming, glory Magic 3 will come soon. We will see what surprises it will bring in the future.



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