New management team of whirlpool (China) makes its debut

Driving China on May 21, 2021, whirlpool (China) Co., Ltd. (Stock Code: 600983) held its first press conference after the completion of the tender offer at its headquarters in Hefei. Chairman Liang Zhaoxian, President Liang Huiqiang and the new whirlpool (China) core management team officially appeared, For the first time, it disclosed the high-quality development goals and plans of whirlpool (China) for the future.


Jiang Feng, executive director of China household electrical appliances association, mark Beazer, chairman and CEO of whirlpool group, Wu Shengbo, global executive vice president and Asia Pacific president of whirlpool group, and many media reporters attended the meeting live.


New core management team

The holding of the press conference marks the new departure of whirlpool (China). With the completion of part of the tender offer, Galanz officially became the controlling shareholder of whirlpool (China), holding about 51.69% of the issued shares. Whirlpool group will continue to hold about 20% of the outstanding shares as a shareholder of whirlpool (China).

Approved by the general meeting of shareholders of whirlpool (China), the eighth board of directors of whirlpool (China) officially announced on May 21 that Liang Zhaoxian, chairman of Glanz group, is also the chairman of whirlpool (China) Co., Ltd., and Liang Huiqiang, vice chairman of Glanz group, is the president of whirlpool (China) Co., Ltd.

At the press conference, President Liang Huiqiang shared the development plan of whirlpool (China) for the first time. He said that the new management team of whirlpool (China) will adhere to the people-oriented, open and cooperative business philosophy, grasp the development opportunity of the “14th five year plan” and the new double cycle development pattern, focus on the healthy and sustainable development of the enterprise, and strive to make whirlpool (China) the most popular multinational company in China, so as to make whirlpool, a century old international brand, more dynamic and competitive More temperature image into thousands of households.


Strong alliance attracts much attention

Marc Bitzer, chairman of the global board of directors and CEO of whirlpool group, participated in the conference through video, welcoming whirlpool (China) to enter a new chapter. “Galanz has been an important supplier and key partner of whirlpool for more than 15 years. We look forward to working hand in hand to push forward our business and achieve success in the Chinese market. ” Mark stressed that the new partnership with Galanz is not only welcomed and valued by whirlpool group, but also in line with the future development direction of whirlpool brand in the Chinese market. Whirlpool group will continue to promote the growth of its flagship brand for Chinese consumers.

Liang Zhaoxian, chairman of Galanz Group and chairman of whirlpool (China), said that whirlpool is an international, global, comprehensive and leading enterprise with a history of 100 years. As the top three suppliers of Whirlpool’s finished products in the world, Galanz and whirlpool have conducted more in-depth discussions in recent years on complementary advantages and strengthening cooperation. Liang stressed that Galanz’s tender offer for whirlpool (China) is not only based on short-term performance, but also full of confidence in the future. We are willing to continue to invest in the future. As the controlling shareholder of whirlpool (China), Galanz will empower whirlpool with “made in China” which is the world’s leading efficiency, give full play to the advantages of full category, full channel resources and independent and controllable whole industry chain, deepen the cooperative relationship with whirlpool, and jointly build whirlpool (China) into a multinational enterprise which is loved by users, proud of employees, respected by customers and satisfied by shareholders.


Jiang Feng, executive director of China home appliance Association, congratulated whirlpool (China) on its announcement of the successful completion of part of the tender offer and Galanz’s becoming the controlling shareholder. Jiang Feng said that both whirlpool and Galanz are companies with global influence, and both companies have made remarkable achievements. The joint efforts of the two companies are not only a combination of strengths, but also complementary advantages. In the future, they will create higher quality household appliances for consumers and make greater contributions to promoting the high-quality development of China’s household appliances industry, Together, we will write a new chapter in the development of whirlpool (China).


With China’s reform and opening-up, Galanz has achieved independent and controllable home appliance industry chain and core technology after more than 40 years of innovation and development. In China, Galanz is a well-known “national home appliance” and a gold lettered signboard of “made in China” all over the world. Nowadays, in many fields, China’s home appliance industry is one of the most competitive industries in the world. The efforts of China’s home appliance enterprises represented by Galanz have won high recognition in the global market.

Wu Shengbo, executive vice president of whirlpool group and President of Asia Pacific region, is full of confidence in the development strategy of whirlpool (China), including continuously promoting the growth of this flagship brand of whirlpool for Chinese consumers. Wu Shengbo said that with the successful completion of Galanz’s partial tender offer to whirlpool (China), the cooperative relationship between whirlpool and Galanz has opened a new chapter, which is bound to further enhance the business development of whirlpool (China).



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