360 cooperates with ecological partners to promote the development of domestic industrial software

Recently, the industrial Internet Security Research Institute of 360 (601360. Sh, hereinafter referred to as “360”) signed a strategic cooperation with Beijing shunshi technology. The two sides will use the Internet thinking mode to build a domestic industrial Internet Ecosystem through the security capability of 360 industrial Internet and the high-performance real-time database independently developed by Beijing shunshi technology.

360联合生态伙伴 助力国产工业软件发展

Specifically, the two sides will focus on the real-time database “RTDB engine” of Shun Shi technology, gather multi technology and talents, establish the functional warehouse of industrial Internet, application forest and industry solution matrix, and create a new industrial application ecology. The two sides disassembled and flattened the diversity and complexity of the industrial industry, divided the platform into real-time database layer and application store layer, and took the real-time database engine, high-performance server framework and cross platform basic function library as the core foundation, integrated the connection protocols and functions of the main stream of industrial production to meet the demand of function expansion, with data security as the guarantee, Set up an app store supporting framework for enterprises and individuals to provide developers’ community services for enterprises or individuals. Enterprises and individuals can develop industrial protocol components, industrial function components, distributed manufacturing, intelligent production, industrial data exchange, decision-making system and other industrial applications on the basis of the platform. They can also combine the platform internal component library, the third-party component library, and even the industrial applications developed by the third party to quickly create industrial solutions.

360 industrial Internet Security Research Institute said that the implementation of new infrastructure, the rapid development of industrial Internet and the promotion of industrial digitization have led to the innovation in the field of industrial production, which not only improves the productivity of industrial enterprises, but also promotes the high-quality development of industrial industry. However, due to the huge value of data assets in the digital era, the security requirements of data assets have also risen to an unprecedented height. In a sense, the database system software is the operating system of the server-side application. Without the database, the server-side application system will not run.

National policy also attaches great importance. In December 2015, the Ministry of industry and information technology issued the action plan (2015-2018) to implement the guidance of the State Council on actively promoting the “Internet +” action, which defined the overall goal of “Internet +” in 2018, and also proposed: “developing software and information technology service industry. Promote the breakthrough of core and key technologies of basic software, and accelerate the development of basic control and application software in emerging fields. Support the R & D and application of high-end industrial software and new industrial app, develop independent and controllable industrial operating system, real-time database and other basic software, and improve the localization rate and application level of design, simulation, management and control industrial software. “

Therefore, without a stable, reliable and safe database system software, the security of data assets will not be effectively guaranteed. To build a stable, reliable and safe domestic database system software has become a key task in the new infrastructure construction. This time, 360 industrial Internet Security Research Institute will focus on the real-time database “RTDB engine”, give full play to its technical advantages in security, and effectively escort the database security.

According to the industry evaluation, this cooperation will speed up the construction of the localization ecosystem, establish a self circulation platform for the supply and demand of industrial Internet software, and use the new mode to break through the localization dilemma of industrial software, and promote the localization substitution process of industrial Internet. At the same time, we will continue to improve the construction of a safe industrial Internet system, ensure the digital transformation of safe industry, and accelerate the rapid development of industrial Internet.



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