Stone automatic dust collection charging stand Ü V Rhine allergy care certification, protect the health of consumers

On May 21, 2021, stone technology officially announced that the stone automatic dust collection charging stand (dust bag version) was awarded the German t Ü V Rhine is the world’s first allergy care certification. The product has passed the allergen filtration efficiency, allergen escape, air allergen escape and other related tests, with the filtration efficiency of 99.99%, effectively reducing the risk of allergy. At the same time, the stone automatic dust collection charging stand (cyclone version) passed the t Ü V Rhine suction no loss certification.


T Ü V Rhine is one of the three major testing institutions in Germany, known as the “German industry and Commerce Bureau”. To obtain its allergy care certification, it needs to pass the strict allergen filtration standard test. Stone automatic dust collection charging stand with excellent product strength, become the world’s first access to t Ü V Rhine allergy care / suction loss free dual certified products.

At present, allergic diseases are threatening the health of people of all ages, and the development trend of allergic population is younger. According to the prediction of the World Allergy Organization (WAO), by 2035, more than half of the world’s allergic population will become one of the three major diseases in the 21st century. It is very important to prevent and control allergens in the family. In March this year, in the t7s series of stone sweeping robot, stone technology launched the automatic dust collecting charging stand products supporting dust bag and dust bucket, which can help users reduce the frequency of garbage dumping and effectively reduce the risk of allergy. The replacement dust bag capacity is 1.8L and cyclone bucket capacity is 1.5L, which is enough to meet the dust capacity of ordinary families for about one month.

It is reported that the dust bag matched with the stone automatic dust collecting charging base is made of high-density composite antibacterial material, which can ensure the antibacterial effect in the long-term use process. At the same time, when users throw away the dust bag, the seal is automatically sealed, and the dust is packed to firmly lock the micro dust and allergens; The cyclone bucket adopts “15 cone cyclone” black technology, which throws the dust into the dust bucket through strong centrifugal force, and does not block the filter screen. When the dust collecting seat is in operation, the suction loss caused by the increase of dust and the decrease of electric power is not more than 3%, and the machine can always maintain a strong dust collecting capacity without suction loss.

The stone automatic dust collection charging stand also supports intelligent dynamic dust collection. Consumers can dynamically adjust whether to collect dust and the dust collection mode according to the recent cleaning status, so as to meet the diversified dust collection needs. The factory default “automatic dust collection” mode of the dust collecting charging stand. When the robot is cleaned and recharged, it will collect dust automatically. The user can turn off the automatic dust collection at the app end and select manual dust collection.

It should be noted that the stone automatic dust collection charging stand only supports the t7s series of stone sweeping robot, and users can choose it according to their actual needs; The combination suits are also popular on tmall, Jingdong and other major e-commerce platforms. From now on to May 31, tmall platform will pay an appointment of 10 yuan for 4399 yuan, and will present a gift box with a value of 199 yuan. The top 100 customer service consultants will buy a machine to send tmall spirit. Interested friends may as well pay attention to it.



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