Let beauty grow naturally, oppo join hands with global nude makeup masters to create a new experience of video nude makeup

On May 20, oppo officially announced on the social platform today that it will join hands with Bobbi Brown, the world’s naked makeup master, to create a “dressing room in mobile phones” to open the era of naked makeup technology and let beauty grow naturally.


According to the recent product content of oppo, the upcoming oppo reno6 series mobile phones should use a series of new technologies to present all kinds of makeup created by Bobbi Brown, the global naked makeup master.

In the previous Reno series of mobile phones, oppo has been continuously exploring the technology of portrait beautification. In the reno5 series, oppo launched the FDF full dimensional portrait video technology system, so that the beauty shooting of mobile phones is not limited to static pictures, but in the video shooting, it can also further optimize the beauty, and achieve thousands of people and thousands of beauty exclusively for users.


In today’s news released by oppo, we should pay attention to the following information:

1. Join hands with Bobbi Brown

For those who don’t know the beauty field, maybe they don’t know the name of Bobbi Brown. Here’s a brief introduction. Bobbi Brown, an American make-up artist with the reputation of “Queen of natural nude makeup”, is a pioneer in reforming the public’s cognition of color makeup. She firmly believes that the role of cosmetics / make-up is to restore the natural beauty of the skin. Eye shadow should be a shadow. Lipstick is to emphasize lips instead of lip color. With the concept of clean, fresh and fashionable, she set off a far-reaching “naked make-up revolution”. Her flawless sense of make-up is full of flexibility and reality, and the most natural and authentic charm of users is radiant.

It can be seen that oppo will make further exploration in the field of beauty this time, and the personal official cooperation with Bobbi Brown, the global naked makeup master, is a very strong signal.

2. Naked make-up with science and technology to realize the freedom of taking photos

In today’s official poster released by oppo, in addition to joining hands with Bobbi Brown, the world’s naked makeup master, we also have the key information of naked makeup technology to realize the freedom of being photographed. In the afternoon, oppo officially released a video, announcing that oppo reno6 series will be equipped with AI radiant beauty video function for the first time, integrating the naked sense philosophy of Bobbi Brown, the global naked makeup master, to accurately establish facial coordinates through 635 face detection points, apply makeup in one second, and easily realize all-weather camera freedom.

From the information given by oppo, oppo reno6 series will make further efforts on the basis of the video beauty created by oppo’s previous series of mobile phones. Through the cooperation with Bobbi Brown, the global naked makeup master, and a series of AI algorithms created by oppo, it will appear in the video shooting, and can also make up the characters with one click, Users don’t have to worry about the decline of video appearance due to poor makeup effect. They can even make naked makeup on camera, and AI can make real-time makeup and real-time follow-up in the video.


This time, oppo reno6 series should be a wonderful cross-border cooperation. Oppo will combine the human image video technology with the naked beauty of Bobbi Brown, the global naked makeup master. I believe it will bring a further excellent experience for the current stage of human image video shooting. There are still a few days before the formal release of oppo reno6 series. Let’s look forward to the cross-border cooperation of technology and fashion.




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