Glory CEO Zhao Ming announced the launch of snapdragon 778g

On May 21, at the 2021 Qualcomm Technology and cooperation summit held today, Zhao Ming, CEO of glory Terminal Co., Ltd., announced the latest cooperation between glory and Qualcomm.

荣耀CEO赵明出席高通峰会 宣布荣耀50系列首发骁龙778G

At the summit, Zhao Ming, CEO of glory, said: “glory will join hands with Qualcomm to combine our understanding of consumer needs and product thinking with the strong performance of Qualcomm snapdragon, and integrate glory’s unique technical capabilities to achieve a more extreme user experience. The glory 50 series, which is equipped with the 778g 5g mobile platform of Qualcomm snapdragon, is a new starting point for the cooperation between glory and Qualcomm. The glory omnipotent technology flagship magic series will also use the flagship mobile platform of Qualcomm snapdragon. “

荣耀CEO赵明出席高通峰会 宣布荣耀50系列首发骁龙778G

On March 31, 2021, Zhao Ming, CEO of glory, released a microblog saying that this is a day on the milestone of glory. The integration of all aspects has been completed and the new strategy of glory has been launched. In an interview, Zhao Ming, CEO of glory, said that glory has completed the integration of a series of contents such as the supply chain, and will launch mid year products in the second quarter, and then launch more high-end flagship products.

Judging from a series of recent developments of glory, a new generation of flagship products is on the way, and the long-awaited glory 50 series is gradually unveiled. It will bring a surprise experience to consumers in June.

We can see that glory is moving towards its own path, providing better high-end products for consumers with the cooperation of upstream and downstream partners.

This year’s launch of flagship products is just the beginning. I believe glory will become a global landmark high-end technology brand in the future. Let’s wait and see.



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