“Handsome” and able to attack Gigabyte aorus 500 Series motherboard

The wonderful holiday is finally over, and all the students begin to return to campus. In school, there is not only a dull study life, but also a few games for entertainment. Therefore, many students begin to assemble a host computer for their entertainment after class. It coincides with the official appearance of Intel’s 11th generation core processor. Gigabyte aorus has launched a new 500 Series motherboard suitable for 11th generation processors. It not only upgrades its strength again, but also has a good appearance. It can be said that it is both “handsome” and able to play.

Now many of the players who are equipped with the host, RGB light effect is inevitable. With the brilliant and cool RGB bonus, the game is more interesting. Gigabyte aorus new 500 Series motherboard supports RGB fusion 2.0 colorful lighting effect, supports up to 12 kinds of lighting effect, and personalized customized synchronous display of lighting effect. With such a high-value motherboard, it will attract the admiration of the residents and become the most beautiful guy in the dormitory!

Jijia small carving proz590aorusproax

The main board of Jijia Xiaodiao proz590aorusproax adopts 12 + 1-Phase direct out power supply, which provides maximum power supply performance for CPU, as well as more accurate and stable current. With drmos, which supports 90a at most, it has efficient power supply capability for CPU, ensuring the stability of CPU under high frequency and high load. With the blessing of digital PWM control chip, the voltage supplied by CPU is more accurate. Memory support xmp5000 overclocking technology, can use 5000mhz high-frequency memory, full play to the potential of high-performance memory.

The main board of Jijia Xiaodiao proz590aorusproax integrates pci-e4.0 slots, which can connect more devices without the restriction of transmission bandwidth. The whole machine is equipped with three m.2 slots of pci-e4.0, which can easily experience the extremely fast reading and writing speed of high-speed protocol. In addition, a new generation of heat dissipation solution is also adopted on Xiaodiao pro. The second generation of direct contact heat pipe and stack type heat dissipation fin make the motherboard work effectively to dissipate heat and maintain stability. Using the m.2ssd heat dissipation armor on the motherboard can keep the SSD in a stable high-speed read-write state and will not lose speed due to overheating.

The network is also an important part of ensuring the game experience. The Intel 2.5 gigabit network card on the main board of Jijia Xiaodiao proz590aorusproax can provide 2.5Gbps network transmission speed, support WiFi 6 wireless protocol, and provide stable game experience for players. In terms of audio, it has passed hi resaudio’s “little gold standard” certification and adopted alc4080 audio IC, which continuously outputs high fidelity audio during the game. In order to improve the service life, the motherboard supports super durable technology to effectively improve the durability of motherboard slots.

Summary: Jijia Xiaodiao proz590aurusproax has powerful power supply equipment on the main board, more stable current output, fully releasing the performance of 11th generation core processor, supporting 5000mhz high-frequency memory, giving full play to high performance potential, enjoying high frame rate game experience in the game process, as well as sufficient heat dissipation equipment and super durable technology, only for players to fight in the battlefield of electronic competition.

Jijia snow sculpture b560 maurusproax

Jijia snow carving b560maursproax motherboard appearance into the current popular aesthetic design, segpunk mecha style pattern, using white metal vest, no extra chamfering cutting edge, square and neat, deduce the new trend. It is equipped with 12 + 1 phase direct out digital power supply, each phase power supply directly to the CPU core, so the CPU power supply current is more efficient. The design of solid-state capacitor effectively improves the dynamic response ability and reduces the current fluctuation. In terms of heat dissipation, integrated rear window 10 armor, full coverage MOSFET radiator, high-performance thermal pad and m.2 heat dissipation armor are adopted to support smartfan6 intelligent fan speed control and effectively improve CPU heat dissipation capacity. The motherboard adopts pci-e4.0 circuit design and is equipped with pci-e4.0 slot to effectively improve the transmission bandwidth.

In terms of memory, this generation of b560 can also overclock the memory. After strict testing and verification, Gigabyte snow carving b560maursproax motherboard provides users with hardware support for overclocking to 4800mhz + ultra-high frequency. Of course, the premise is that the CPU overclocking capacity and memory overclocking internal force are equally powerful.

In terms of audio, Gigabyte snow carving b560 maursproax motherboard is equipped with an independent sound card level audio system and a high-quality audio dedicated capacitor. Players have a high fidelity audio and sound experience in the process of the game. In addition, the motherboard slot adopts alloy armor design, and the power supply socket adopts solid power supply pins, so the current conductivity is better than that of traditional design pins, and can effectively improve the durability. The motherboard also provides a quick q-flash plus BIOS update method. You can upgrade the BIOS with one click. The BIOS provides comprehensive and detailed management settings. Users can adjust the performance of the computer at will and quickly understand the hardware situation of the computer.

Summary: the appearance of Jijia snow carving b560maursproax motherboard conforms to the trend and is the first choice for DIY players in pursuit of personalized appearance. In addition to its high appearance value, the 12 + 1 DC power supply, sufficient heat dissipation coverage, pci-e4.0 design and other hardware make it have excellent strength. It supports RGB fusion 2.0 light effect and is equipped with cool RGB accessories. It can be said that it is a beautiful and full of combat power.

Jijia snow Eagle z590vision

Jijia snow Eagle z590vision is a motherboard designed for designers, creators and users who pursue the stability of use. It adopts fresh white in appearance. Although the style is low-key and steady, it is not vulgar. This motherboard is not for performance oriented gamers, but it also uses 12 + 1 phase direct out digital power supply in terms of power supply. The CPU power socket uses 8 + 4 pin solid pins with metal shield to ensure that the power supply to the CPU is safer and has enough heat dissipation. In the aspect of expansibility that the creators are most concerned about, the motherboard adopts pci-e4.0 hardware design, and is equipped with four m.2pci-em.2 slots (three of which support pciegen4.0), so as to meet the needs of designers in high-capacity and high-speed reading and writing.

In order to ensure the stability, Gigabyte z590vision motherboard memory wiring has an anti-interference mask, which can effectively prevent external interference and affect the stability of the system. In terms of heat dissipation, dot matrix heat sink is used to effectively improve the heat dissipation area. In addition, direct contact heat pipe and m.2ssd heat dissipation armor are used to further enhance the heat dissipation efficiency of the motherboard in combination with high-performance heat conduction pad. The network is equipped with Intel 2.5 Gigabit high-speed network card, equipped with CFOs speed intelligent management software, through hierarchical traffic management, intelligent optimization of network allocation, even if the network is used by multiple programs, you can still have a smooth and fast network speed experience. The motherboard also has a series of high-quality designs: integrated rear window I / O baffle, solid pin power supply design, supporting RGB fusion 2.0 lamp effect, etc., which bring users daily intimate and stable use experience.

Summary: Jijia snow Eagle z590vision motherboard is a professional motherboard for designers. Its fresh and low-key appearance, full of materials, and complete expansibility, with 11 generations of core processor, give the creator more performance support and stable use guarantee.

The outstanding appearance and all-round performance of the above three Gigabyte motherboards, will you be perfectly impressed? At the beginning of the school season, Gigabyte brings the 500 Series motherboard full of strength to the majority of DIY users, and will be the best partner of the 11th generation core processor. If you also want to have a smart aorus motherboard, you can go to the official flagship store!



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