Canon said the camera market may be “saturated” and may explore new areas in the future

Canon is now making great efforts to develop EOS R system, and the brand-new flagship EOS R3 is also the top priority of cameras. However, Canon is also clearly aware that the traditional image market and camera market may have been saturated. Although the previously released data (according to CIPA data), Canon’s camera profits have increased significantly compared with before, mainly because of the rise in the unit price of high value-added products, In terms of sales volume, there is no obvious improvement. Canon hopes to expand its brand-new camera field in the future in addition to the traditional camera business, such as the previously launched products such as PowerShot zoom and pick.

佳能表示相机市场或已“饱和” 未来可能会探索全新的领域

佳能表示相机市场或已“饱和” 未来可能会探索全新的领域

Via: camera beta



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