Hisense touch, the world’s first music reader, officially released

On May 20, Hisense held a new product launch with the theme of “Hi touch” and officially launched a new eye protection reading product, Hisense touch, the world’s first music reader. Hisense touch has opened a new era of immersive music reading by redefining the reader form with the first four channel ambient light sensor in the industry, cooperating with Ruisheng acoustics, combining with Dirac audio tuning in Sweden, new touch OS and hardware configuration far beyond similar reader products.

In the era of digital reading, the first thing to solve is the problem of vision damage caused by electronic products. It is reported that Hisense mobile phone, as the first domestic manufacturer to explore eye protection and reading products, has applied Blu ray free ink screen to mobile phone products from the root. It has launched a series of product lines and hardware level eye protection and reading products, including dual screen series, classic black-and-white ink screen, color ink screen reading mobile phone series, eye protection flat panel rlcd total reflection screen series, and 5g reading mobile phone series. According to relevant analysis, the launch of Hisense touch shows that Hisense eye protection reading products have taken another important step in creating an ecosystem layout integrating hardware, content and service.

Beijing Business News (reporter Jin Chaoli)

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