Serve 20000 catering businesses, store box AI cooking machine, reduce cost and increase efficiency of catering brands

“In Shenzhen, the salary of chefs is generally more than 7000 yuan, and the excellent ones need more than 10000 yuan to retain people.” Miao Liang, a veteran of catering business for 31 years, feels that there must be an efficiency revolution. He began to focus on the transformation of the kitchen. All the 12 stores in Shenzhen have introduced advanced intelligent cooking machines in the warehouse, which are responsible for cooking takeaway dishes.

“A frying machine has six or nine warehouses. It can produce 50 or 60 dishes an hour. A master can produce 20 or 30 dishes an hour at most. The efficiency is doubled.” Miao Liang said, “it used to take two chefs to complete the workload, but now it only needs one operator, and the labor cost has dropped by 70%.”

In fact, the automatic cooking machine is not a new thing. After continuous iteration and upgrading, the cooking machines with different shapes can produce a dish no less than that of the chef. Around the frying machine, the overall catering solution began to emerge. The warehouse box is the first batch of intelligent frying machines to realize smoke-free and cleaning free. It has integrated the clean food supply chain, developed a food box integrating frying pan and lunch box, and also provided a catering platform brand of self ordering system.


After more than four years of development, Ku box has invested 400 million yuan in R & D, and has more than 60 invention patents, covering more than 20000 catering businesses in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Chengdu and other key cities. At present, the catering industry has ushered in the climax of chain development, reducing costs and increasing efficiency, and the demand for rapid expansion has increased abruptly, which also makes the warehouse box highly concerned by my uncle, Miao style Sichuan cuisine, FanJie and other catering brands.

FanJie, which has more than 200 stores nationwide, is a quality take away brand that insists on stir frying now. It also chooses the warehouse box as an important partner to improve the efficiency of stores“ For the catering brand with internet gene, FanJie needs to focus on two “fasts” in the process of development. The first is the rapid promotion and iteration of products, and the second is the rapid landing of franchise stores. This requires strong product R & D capabilities to support, and the professional product team of the library box provides stable R & D support for FanJie. ” He Wei, the co-founder of FanJie, said, “including the adjustment of store lines, the optimization of product structure, and even the marketing creativity of products, Ku box has provided us with very mature suggestions. They are not doing things from the perspective of simply selling stir frying machines.”


Liu Wenhui, the person in charge of the warehouse box, said that a major breakthrough of the warehouse box is to completely break away from the traditional drum and one arm stir frying cooking machine. The whole application principle is simpler, there is no lampblack, and there is no need to go up and down, so it is suitable for a wide range of scenes.

At the same time, the team has a strong R & D capability of dishes. For catering brands with product capability, the library box can assist in R & D and help brands form standard SOP (standard operating procedures). Product SOP includes the standardization of excipients, the shaping of raw materials, and the shaping of taste.

He gave some examples, such as how many pieces of chicken should be cut in a kung pao chicken dish, whether the chili should be shredded or diced, how much chicken should be put in a dish, the proportion of various raw materials, the flavor of the whole dish, how to adjust the sauce, and whether the whole dish should be fried in the frying machine for one minute or two minutes, Delivery to front end stores. In this way, we can ensure the standardization of fried dishes.

For businesses without R & D capability or chef team, such as hotels and shopping malls, we can directly use more than 100 kinds of products that have been developed. At the same time, it can directly supply the matched clean vegetables with a mature supply chain system.

All round solution support enables the catering types of warehouse box cooperation to realize full format coverage

Restaurants and takeout shops provide efficient meals. Reforming the production mode of back kitchen can greatly relieve the pressure brought by high cost, high manpower and high rent. In traditional restaurants, the storage box can directly replace the chef. For the brands that focus on takeout, the competitiveness of stir fried dishes is far greater than the package.

The hotel improves kitchen utilization. The hotel’s kitchen staff is less, and the utilization rate of the kitchen is not high. Through the supply chain + equipment solution of the warehouse box, it can directly help the hotel launch a complete set of dishes, saving a lot of early investment.

Convenience stores boost revenue. In recent years, the proportion of fresh food and cooked food in the revenue of convenience stores has become higher and higher, accounting for more than 50% in many stores. It is an effective way for convenience stores to use fried fast food to enhance the competitiveness of stores. It has the characteristics of small floor area, no water supply, no lampblack, so it is very suitable for convenience stores to introduce.

New retailers are in a super development scenario. In recent years, the scene innovation of supermarkets has also focused on the catering format. Box horse and super fresh food have all introduced the mode of on-site cooking of food materials in the store, and the warehouse box can also play an important role in this scene. At present, Shenzhen 22 box horse has been on-line library box equipment.

Cost reduction and efficiency increase is an eternal topic in the catering industry. The solution of warehouse box catering is to help catering people get rid of the shackles, focus on brand development and win the new competitive environment.

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