Betta won the live broadcast rights and content rights of the 2021 League of heroes LPL

Beijing business daily (reporter Wei Wei) on May 21, the live broadcast of Betta announced that it has obtained the live broadcast right and on-demand right of 2021 hero league professional league (LPL), 2021 hero League Development League (LDL) and 2021 LPL all star weekend. In addition, douyu also obtained the rights and interests of two-way live broadcast, anchor ob, first view, English stream, and second disc program authorized by tengjing sports, as well as the production of publicity video and text content by lol resources, such as replay, highlights, news and comments.

In the first quarter of 2021, Betta has broadcast 50 + top-level E-sports events such as the 2021 League of heroes LPL spring competition and the 2021 King glory KPL spring competition, and has made 40 + E-sports events such as the Gold Grand Prix S11 of the survival of the betta Jedi and the all star competition of the betta dnf.

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