“Tesla” in the field of electric and motorcycle, new Japan Miku super

In the wave of industry development, the high performance and good quality of the products are the hard strength of the brand. Xinri electric vehicle has been working hard for 22 years, and has been committed to developing electric vehicle products that are more in line with the public’s riding needs, constantly refreshing the new height of the industry. As the first A-share main board listed enterprise in China’s electric vehicle industry, and one of the drafting units of the new national standard, new Japan has opened a new era of intelligent electric, and launched a super high-end, super running lithium tram with a new generation of automotive grade lithium batteries, which can be used for 5 years and 10 years. Among them, Miku super has won numerous industry awards with its cutting-edge technology and avant-garde design circle.

Once locked, you will never forget

The suspended rear tailstock is the design highlight of Miku super, which has a strong sense of future science and technology. Riding on the road can win a lot of turning back. The external aluminum alloy four-bar rear rocker arm not only improves the stability of the car, but also reduces the weight of the car; At a glance, we can see the metal and aluminum alloy body materials, automobile grade paint baking process, super large integrated suspension meter, 20000 candela light sense gene headlamp and other luxury supporting facilities, which give Miku super the quality of leading industries, and give it a cool face at first sight.

电摩界的“特斯拉”,新日MIKU Super

Hard core performance, unprecedented “lithium”

The power system applied by Miku super is a dual core dual power system independently developed by Xinri. The motor used is a high-power dual-mode motor. Two controllers control the uniform discharge of the battery to realize power transmission. Although the power is only 2000W from the appearance, the actual power can reach 4000W, and the maximum power can reach 5200w. With the torque of 235n. M, Miku super’s power performance is very strong.

电摩界的“特斯拉”,新日MIKU Super

With a strong engine, we naturally need an excellent power output source battery. Miku super is equipped with a “Automotive lithium battery” independently developed by Xinri, which can be used for 5 years and 10 years. It is smaller and lighter, only about 1 / 4 of the lead-acid battery. In terms of efficiency, the total capacity of the battery is 40ah, and after 1500 cycles of charge and discharge, the capacity of the battery still has 70%, which makes the driving range and service life much longer than that of the conventional lead-acid battery. At the same time, it supports super fast charging, which can be fully charged in 2 hours.

电摩界的“特斯拉”,新日MIKU Super

In terms of riding speed, according to the third-party test results, the maximum speed of Miku super can reach 82km / h, and it only takes 1.8s to accelerate from 0 to 50km / h. Miku super can still easily pass the 25 ° slope test that most electric motorcycles have stopped. Due to its lightweight body, Miku super has outstanding flexibility and cornering performance, and even has the ability of small off-road vehicles. With such excellent power performance, Miku super can hardly find a rival in the field of electric motorcycle.

电摩界的“特斯拉”,新日MIKU Super

Intelligent black technology, configuration upgrade

In addition to the awesome power, MIKU Super is also very powerful in configuration. With 12 inch vacuum tire and disc brake, double piston front wheel and single piston rear wheel, the high configuration version of Miku super also has CBS front and rear linkage brake, which makes the body more stable during emergency braking.

In terms of intelligence, Miku super is equipped with a smart phone Internet system, which can perform intelligent and convenient operations such as one key unlocking, setting / removing defense, viewing vehicle positioning, body status, vehicle fault alarm, recording and analyzing riding data, and inputting fingerprint information through mobile phone app. At the same time, it can also monitor battery power and health status in real time. It can be said that as long as you can think of it, Miku super has its own configuration. What you can’t think of, Xinri is fully prepared, such as vehicle unlocking. In addition to app one key unlocking, there are mechanical key, remote control unlocking and fingerprint unlocking. There are four ways to easily deal with the embarrassing situations such as key forgetting and mobile phone power failure.

电摩界的“特斯拉”,新日MIKU Super

In a word, Miku super is a combination of the excellent design and leading technology of Xinri electric vehicle, and also a leader in the field of electric motorcycle products in the whole electric vehicle industry. It can be said that Miku super is one of the most representative models under the series of new Japan’s electric vehicle products. In the transformation of Miku, we have also witnessed the rapid progress of new Japan in the field of industrial product manufacturing.

As a powerful brand in the industry, Xinri is accelerating the arrival of a new era of lithium with a new lithium storm. In the future, Xinri will also be actively committed to technology improvement, innovation and breakthrough, deep cultivation in the field, broaden the vision, and highlight the brilliance of Xinri with vigorous vitality!



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