Where is the “charging downstairs” card of E-bike

From the criticism that it is difficult to charge electric vehicles in residential areas to the frequent fire accidents of electric bicycles entering buildings, a series of discussions about charging piles are rampant. In this context, the official tone. On May 20, the national development and Reform Commission and the National Energy Administration issued the “Implementation Opinions on further improving the service guarantee ability of charging and swapping infrastructure (Draft)” (hereinafter referred to as the “draft”), which clearly proposes to improve the promotion mechanism of charging pile construction in residential communities. When the safety concerns caused by charging have become the norm of the entire electric vehicle industry, solving the existing security risks has become an urgent problem of charging pile construction.


Charging piles for electric vehicles and electric bicycles in the community

Aiming at charging pain point

Behind the national development and Reform Commission’s construction of power charging pile, there are not only concerns about the development of new energy vehicle industry, but also concerns about the blue ocean market. As far as the owners of electric vehicles are concerned, some public charging piles have been out of service for a long time, and the installation of charging piles in residential areas has to overcome many obstacles. For the owners of e-bikes, the supply of charging piles in the residential area is in short supply, so the batteries enter the building and the “flying line” charging is common, followed by frequent fires and accidents.

Beijing Business Daily has done a group of surveys, data show that as of November last year, the number of various types of charging piles in Beijing has reached 218500, becoming the largest city in China. However, with the huge number of charging piles, car owners still have to face the problem of charging difficulty. For example, 10% of the car will be shut down within 50 km, and the charging of public charging piles is still difficult.

Security risks can not be ignored. Recently, a video circulating on the Internet shows that in a residential area in Tangshan, Hebei Province, someone was found throwing wires from a dozen stories high building to charge the electric vehicles parked on the first floor.

In contrast, the charging safety of E-bike should be paid more attention. Recently, the video of an electric bicycle exploding in an elevator in Chengdu is shocking. In the early morning of May 17, Lishuiqiao, Chaoyang District, Beijing, tomorrow, unit 3, building 7, yard 7, the first city, caused a fire due to battery charging. On May 20, a reporter from Beijing business daily came to the scene of the accident again and found that there were four households living in the corridor on the side of the fire, but the width of the corridor was only more than 1 meter, which could not accommodate an adult to fully spread his arms.

It is worth noting that the Beijing Business Daily reporter found that in the distance of about 50 meters from the fire unit, is equipped with a small green electric bicycle charging pile in the community. There is an electric car charging. There are two charging piles, each with six plugs, and the shell is written with the words “no need to be on duty when full power is off”.

According to Ms. Liang, the person in charge of the first city management office of the Great Wall Property Group Co., Ltd., the property of the community, there are two charging sheds in the community at present, and the new charging piles will enter the site for construction, adding nearly 50. The number of charging piles is 1:2 or 1:3 in proportion to the number of e-bikes, which is planned according to the actual situation.

But in the process of Beijing Business Daily reporter’s visit, another resident who uses electric vehicles in the same district told the reporter that in fact, another charging shed can’t be used. It is understood that there will be 8 buildings in No. 7 hospital of the first city tomorrow, and there will be more than 2000 residents in the community. However, there are only 12 charging piles that can be used now, which is really in short supply.


Parking + electricity price is the key

“It’s not easy to find a place to park e-bikes, let alone other places to charge them.” Ms. Li, who lives in Guoxiang Hutong, Andingmen street, has the same feeling about the problem caused by the insufficient number of charging piles. According to her introduction, she usually charges at home.

Residents are not the only ones who have difficulties in parking and charging e-bikes. In an interview with Beijing business daily, Zhang Hongxia, Secretary of the Party committee of guangximen beilibei community, also admitted that the fire accident of Chengdu’s electric bicycle in the elevator had been hot searched before, and they also made an investigation in the wechat group of each building. Many residents’ feedback is that they are not willing to go upstairs by electric bicycle, but if they don’t go upstairs, The community should solve the problems of electric vehicle parking, power consumption, charging and safety.

“Before I saw a news that charging an electric car outside and charging it at home is a price. So our community hopes to get in touch with the relevant enterprises, understand some electricity price standards, and see if it can meet the residents’ idea that electric vehicles will not go upstairs. ” Zhang Hongxia said. It is understood that most e-bikes need to charge according to the charging time when they are charged at the charging point. When the charging pile enterprises enter the residential area, they will also face the problem of connecting the civil power line or the commercial power line, and the latter is more likely, which also means that the charging cost of residents will increase correspondingly.

And this is almost the same problem for electric vehicles to enter the community. The location and maintenance of each site have to face many problems such as property, residents and so on. For example, noise nuisance and disorder lead to residents’ complaints, which become the fuse for the shutdown of some sites. For example, last year, Beili community of Hujialou in Chaoyang District was complained by residents because of the noise. A number of charging piles were shut down by the State Grid in less than two months.

In addition, the burning and smoking accident of the charging pile also led to the cautious attitude of the property to the charging pile entering the community. On the whole, whether it is noise nuisance, rejection of foreign vehicles, or equipment maintenance, worry about security risks, which are mixed with different interests and rights demands of the property owner, site, residents, owners, charging pile enterprises.


Tips for forbidding electric vehicles to enter the unit building

Improve the construction of community charging pile

Although there are problems in charging, it can not be ignored that the charging pile market has been recognized by the capital. Under the huge market prospect, the charging pile will get policy support again. The draft proposes to improve the promotion mechanism of charging pile construction in residential communities. Local charging infrastructure departments, together with housing and urban-rural construction, civil air defense, fire protection and other departments, establish a collaborative mechanism to promote the construction and transformation of charging piles in residential communities. If the installation conditions are met, the residential community management unit and the owners’ committee shall not obstruct the users from building piles.

For the existing communities, the draft notes that the guidance of the general office of the State Council on comprehensively promoting the transformation of old urban communities (GBF [2020] No. 23) should be seriously implemented, and the charging infrastructure departments of all localities, together with the housing and urban rural construction departments, should formulate the action plan for the construction and transformation of charging piles in existing residential communities, and clarify the action objectives Key tasks and promotion sequence, refine annual tasks and construction project database, and incorporate them into key work for overall promotion.

At the same time, we should strictly implement the requirements of new residential communities. The construction and installation conditions of 100% fixed parking spaces and reserved charging piles in new residential communities need to be implemented, and power supply facilities such as pipelines and bridges need to be built into parking spaces to meet the needs of direct meter installation and power connection. In addition, we should innovate the business model of charging service in residential communities, and encourage new models such as “sharing of nearby parking spaces” and “multiple vehicles and one pile”.

Affected by this news, the charging pile plate rose sharply. As of the close of May 20, the charging pile index compiled by Wande rose by 1.81%, and aotexin closed at the trading limit. China Energy Electric Co., Ltd., golden crown Co., Ltd., Jiuzhou Group, Guodian Nanzi, terede and other stocks rose at the forefront.

Chuancai securities research report pointed out that with the further popularization of electric vehicles and the promotion of new infrastructure, the charging pile industry is about to usher in an explosive period. After several years of major reshuffle in the operation industry, only a small number of enterprises stand out. With the increase of the number of electric vehicles in the future, the profitability will continue to improve.

Beijing Business Daily reporter Tao Feng intern reporter Ruan Hangda / photo by Wen Bing

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