Eight Core i7 with 2K screen Rog magic 16

The popular 16 inch all-around notebook Rog magic 16 is now on pre-sale. This notebook has a core i7-11800h 8-core processor with rtx3060 notebook GPU hard core combination, plus 2K, 165hz high brush wide gamut display, the overall performance is quite strong. At present, the first pre-sale price is as low as 10999 yuan, the price is quite gratifying!

八核i7搭2K屏 ROG幻16全能本不到1万1真香

Rog magic 16 notebook adopts the 11th generation of Intel Core High Performance mobile processor h45. Among them, core i7-11800h is designed with 8 cores and 16 threads. It has a large L3 cache and features high bandwidth and low latency. Its performance is significantly improved compared with the previous generation in terms of productivity and game performance.

Rtx3060 notebook GPU has 3840 CUDA cores, which is even more than the 3584 CUDA cores of geforce RTX 3060 desktop graphics card released at the same time. NVIDIA’s unique DLSS 2.0 and reflex low latency technology can improve the fluency of the game and generate beautiful and clear dynamic pictures. Plus the awesome TX Boost, enhanced mode can further enhance the Boots frequency of the card, and then release the stronger graphics performance.

八核i7搭2K屏 ROG幻16全能本不到1万1真香

Excellent screen is also a highlight of this all-around notebook. Rog magic 16 with a 16.1 inch, 2K resolution, 165hz high brush wide angle IPS screen, display effect is quite delicate. And its screen color through Pantone (development and research of color authority) certification, with 100% dci-p3 wide gamut coverage, can well meet the needs of professional designers in the creative design of the screen, what you see is what you get!

This notebook is also specially equipped with advanced pcie4.0 solid-state hard disk. The reading speed is up to 6900mb / s, and the writing speed is up to 5000MB / s. It can significantly shorten the loading time of the application, and bring the users flying performance.

Well, the price is less than 11000, Rog magic 16 can be said to be really fragrant! Whether designers or gamers, this all-around book is worth having!

Author: Zhang Fan



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