Coco lifestyle brand “coco full score” completed three rounds of financing in a row

Beijing business daily (reporter Qian Yu Baiyang) on May 20, it was reported that coco full score, a coconut lifestyle brand, has completed three rounds of financing in a row. The financing will be mainly used for team development, product development and brand building. In May 2021, coco completed the pre-A round financing of tens of millions of yuan, led by 13 capital, followed by Meihua venture capital and Zhenge fund. In April 2021, coco completed the angel round financing of millions of yuan, led by Meihua venture capital and followed by palm capital. In December 2020, cocoa completed several million yuan seed round financing with full marks, led by Zhenge fund, followed by Yisan capital and uphonest capital.

It is reported that cocoa full score was established in October 2020. With coconut milk as the entry point, and around sugar free coconut milk, cocoa full score will further expand the category of coconut products to the field of food snacks and personal care. Cocoa’s first product, sugar free coconut milk, went online on May 10 this year and sold out in two days.

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