What’s the origin of this Korean barbecue shop known to Beijing people?

Jeju airoutang, which dominates the list of Korean barbecue must eat in Beijing, can be said to be “the ceiling of Korean barbecue”. TA’s birth has spread all over Beijing, setting off a wave of dry rice people in Beijing for Korean barbecue. The famous black pork, Australian and beef ribs are the best in the meat. They shine in the smoke and fire. Every inch of the meat has its own saliva lifting skills, which makes you easily enjoy the Korean street flavor.


Bring Korean barbecue culture into China and show authentic Korean barbecue

With the popularity of Korean dramas, Korean barbecue has always been popular among Chinese consumers, but in most consumers’ impression, as long as it is eaten with lettuce, it is Korean barbecue, which is not the case.

Knowing that consumers have misunderstood Korean barbecue, Zheng Longze, the founder of aibotang in Jeju, has been rooted in Korea for many years on the eve of entering the Beijing market to be an authentic Korean barbecue brand! Jeju AI Rou Tang originated in South Korea in 14 years. The company’s main founder is a famous gourmet evaluator in South Korea. Before entering China, there were six Jeju AI Rou Tang stores in South Korea!


Zheng Longze, founder of airoutang in Jeju, believes that the real Korean barbecue is cultural. South Korea’s mandajie is full of barbecue shops, just like Sichuan’s mandajie is full of hot pot, but the hot pot in Sichuan is different from that in other places.

Leaving the unique atmosphere of Sichuan, without the straightforwardness and forthrightness of Sichuan people, hot pot will change its flavor. The same is true of Korean barbecue. The authentic Korean flavor, authentic barbecue atmosphere and the free and easy way of eating and drinking are the authentic Korean barbecue.

Korean barbecue is very local in Korea, just like the barbecue stalls that can be seen everywhere in China. Three or two friends meet each other. In the summer, they go to the store barehanded and sit around. The real dew is opened and the meat is roasted, or they talk and talk, or they drink and eat meat together, so as to get rid of their tiredness! But at the same time, the ingredients of Korean barbecue are high-end. Jeju airoutang’s grasp of high-end meat ingredients is just like the pursuit of diners for themselves, as long as they are good forever!

High quality food materials are imported directly to ensure the original flavor of South Korea

To make authentic Korean barbecue, Zheng Longze, founder of aibotang in Jeju, has strict control over the quality of ingredients and high standards of ingredients. Strictly select the quality of black pork and beef imported from Australia. The ingredients are fresh from the market on the same day and supplied directly on the same day. Dip sauce dip materials are all imported directly from South Korea, do not improve, it is the original taste.

The founder of Korean cuisine has a deep love and deep research for many years. With this persistence, he has opened two flagship stores in Beijing and one in Inner Mongolia, hoping to bring more authentic Korean barbecue to Chinese customers.


“Before I did the food evaluation in South Korea, I said I was a gourmet myself, so the requirements of Jeju airoutang may even exceed the standards of many barbecues in South Korea, to ensure that every customer who enters the store for the first time will become a repeat customer.” Said Zheng Longze, founder of airoutang in Jeju.


High quality doesn’t mean high price. Because Jeju AI Rou Tang has local resources in South Korea, the price is usually 100 yuan, so the super high price has swept the whole city of Beijing, even the foreign tourists have heard about it!

Create Korean food atmosphere and retain customers with service

In addition to the original high-grade ingredients, in terms of health is also a file kitchen, fresh visible!

At the same time, one-to-one service is adopted in the store. Customers almost don’t have to do it by themselves. The waiters will help to roast and cut it, and then tell them what kind of meat to roast, the authentic Korean way of eating and what kind of sauce to dip in. For the eating habits of the diners, they will basically go up two or three times, and the next time the waiters will remember it, which is intimate and warm!

While satisfying the appetite, you can also feel the traditional Korean culture. Through a piece of barbecue, you can maintain the feelings between people on a one inch table. This is the charm of airoutang in Jeju!



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