Zhou Heiya: a new choice for spicy people

People who are not happy with spicy food have a big appetite when they hear the word “spicy”; People who are afraid of spicy stars may unconsciously stick out their tongue when they hear the word “spicy”. I have two faces around me. They can be “popular” but can’t “drink spicy”. They are very envious of spicy people who can switch their food choices at will. For example, Zhou Hei duck, which is famous for its “sweet and spicy” taste, makes people who are afraid of spicy food very confused. They want to eat it and are a little afraid. Some people even have to rinse Zhou Hei duck over and over again in order to satisfy their cravings

Are you afraid that spicy people really don’t have a chance to eat Zhou black duck?

In fact, in order to meet the different needs of users, Zhou Heiya has already launched some non spicy series, such as marinated goose and marinated duck wings, which all have small fresh flavors. On tmall, Zhou Heiya’s non spicy series also sold well, and users praised them one after another.

Today I’m going to talk about something more important. ~ (knock on the blackboard) Zhou Heiya recently launched a new non spicy product: spiced duck neck. If you don’t eat duck neck, you always feel that there are some shortcomings. Zhou Hei duck’s new five spice duck neck is just right for people who are afraid of spicy food.

怕辣星人的新选择 周黑鸭让你“不辣也欢”

Like Zhou Hei duck’s classic sweet and spicy duck neck, Wuxiang duck neck also selects Cherry Valley Duck’s high-quality big duck neck, and its meat is very thick, fresh and tender. The natural color of soy sauce makes people swallow their saliva. The more they bite, the more fragrant they are!

Zhou Hei duck is good at making spicy food. Can it be done well without spicy food? Some people may have such doubts. If you look at the sales of non spicy products on Zhou Heiya tmall, you can see that Zhou Heiya’s non spicy series are also very popular. The high sales volume of 200000-400000 can be seen as a good reputation, but it is covered by classic sweet and spicy products~

怕辣星人的新选择 周黑鸭让你“不辣也欢”

Is the duck neck not spicy too fishy? There is no need to worry about this. Zhou black duck uses a variety of natural spices to refine the secret brine, and then after a long time of slow stew, it has a five spice duck neck with a deep taste. Marinade layers of penetration, absolutely let you eat more taste. It not only retains the original flavor of the food, but also goes to the fishy smell. It’s beautiful to eat it.

And the spiced flavor is very suitable for a family to share, now as long as 35 yuan, this spiced duck neck big box can take home, “not spicy also Huan”, take this intimate new product quickly!



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