Good furniture and decoration style does not match how to do? Full circle designers tell you the answer

Have you ever met such a situation and got a pair of shoes, a coat or an ornament that you especially like, but because your existing clothing doesn’t match with it, so in order to achieve a perfect match, you buy a new suit? In fact, similar situations will be encountered in home decoration. The decoration style is chosen by oneself, and the furniture is also liked by oneself. However, when it is put together, there is a deviation in style, which is not very comfortable. However, if you can’t decorate your home again to match the furniture.

In fact, this is a common situation falling into the misunderstanding of the overall layout of home decoration. In the overall decoration style design, furniture is also a part of home decoration, designers will match the corresponding style of furniture according to your choice of home decoration style, in order to achieve the harmony of the overall home atmosphere.


(fully enclosed model room – wings of light)

So, how should we choose to decorate furniture to avoid the above situation? The method is also very simple, that is, all the furniture should be taken care of by the designer, or the furniture should be selected according to the designer’s suggestions. At present, in some brand all inclusive decoration companies, furniture can be purchased directly, especially in Beijing all inclusive decoration. One stop all inclusive decoration covers the free items of furniture, 999 yuan / m ² High cost performance package presents the current popular mainstream panel furniture, 1099 yuan / m ²、 1199 yuan / M ² Price can be free of high-end solid wood furniture.

Some people may still worry that, in order to save costs, the furniture presented by the overall decoration company, even if it is solid wood, may not be up to grade in terms of materials, texture, and technology, so it’s safe to buy it by yourself. It’s true that this concern is not unreasonable, but it should also be considered according to the situation. If you choose a small company with ordinary reputation, you really need to be cautious in the face of this situation. But quanbaoyuan is different. It is one of the largest and most powerful home decoration companies in China. Yezhifeng’s integrated brand of positioning “ultra-low altitude flight”. With the help of Yezhifeng’s purchasing bargaining power and supply chain, it can achieve the level of high cost performance + high quality at the same time.


(all round model room – midsummer spirit)

We can see that the wood used in the sample room of “midsummer spirit” in Baoyuan is BEIMEI white wax wood, which is known as “noble in hardwood”, and is used for high-end furniture in foreign countries, just like the expensive black walnut. This furniture is integrated into the style of “Nordic style”, which is simple and simple, delicate and not flashy. The design of lift type tea table brings the functional definition of Nordic style into full play.


(full circle model room – Sandalwood Water Pavilion)

For example, the whole round Chinese style model “sandalwood waterside pavilion”, in order to highlight the Chinese style of stability, introvertion and style in the overall style, chooses the golden sandalwood furniture with natural metallic luster and 100 years of material needs. The choice of the furniture, in the overall style to enhance the aesthetic conception of the exposition, to bring home a unique temperament, but also modern, not dogmatic, practical, whether in beauty, or comfort, have a very good performance.


(all round sample room – Norwegian forest)

In addition, Fas North American white oak furniture of “Norwegian forest” and kasla wood furniture imported from Myanmar of “magic moon town” fully interpret the quality and style of high-end furniture. In other words, let the whole package design for you, the fault tolerance rate of your home decoration is higher, and you can achieve the perfect state.

Of course, you can buy your favorite furniture directly in full circle. The decoration designer will give specific suggestions according to your decoration style, so as to keep the furniture you choose fit with your home decoration style. So think about it carefully, so that in the home decoration by the whole company “one-stop” all inclusive, is not more worry, effort and money saving?

After all, too many people tend to go to extremes in choosing furniture. Some people think that the more expensive the better, while others think that the more economical the better. Either of these two ideas may have the opposite effect. Suppose your residence is small and medium-sized, but you have to choose large mahogany furniture, which may lead to cramped space, dull atmosphere and lack of vitality. Therefore, the choice of furniture in home decoration is not only to use solid materials, but also to conform to the overall style. Only in this way can your home be comfortable, warm and at ease.



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