The end of the era of “tactical graphics card”: NVIDIA will give up its support for Kepler architecture graphics card

When it comes to NVIDIA’s legendary architecture, which has a history of nearly ten years, Kepler architecture is naturally on the list. At that time, the graphics card of this architecture was still used on Apple’s MacPro professional workstation. However, the most famous graphics card of this architecture is geforcegtx690, which is also called “tactical nuclear graphics card” by the contemporary Kahuang.

The spoof from netizens at that time made this dual core card king’s stem widely spread and become a joke of many DIY fans. However, the specification of this video card was also very strong at that time: having two complete gk104 graphics cores was equivalent to combining the cores of two gtx680 flagship graphics cards, doubling the video memory specification directly, and the TDP reached the amazing 300W at that time, Dual 8pin interface is needed for power supply.

Unknowingly, Kepler graphics card has been nearly 10 years since it was launched in 2012, and it is the longest maintenance life generation graphics card. However, the weak performance and too backward architecture also make this generation of graphics cards unable to keep up with the pace of the times. It’s time to die.

Recently, according to the driver support route document of NVIDIA data center GPU, the R470 driver released this year is the last driver update of Kepler architecture graphics card. This release will be the best of most geforce 600 / 700 Series graphics cards, including Quadro and Tesla series products with the same architecture. However, on Linux system, R470 branch is listed as ltsb (long-term support branch), which will still provide long-term support in the next three years.

Of course, even if the data center gives up driver maintenance, it does not mean that NVIDIA’s game drivers will stop supporting Kepler architecture graphics cards, but this sign also shows that the retirement of Kepler architecture is certain.

In today’s market environment where there is a general shortage of graphics cards, the gtx600 and 700 series dessert cards with Kepler architecture can still be used as the light cards for players to play their last remaining heat. Do you still have Kepler graphics cards in your hands? Let’s share some interesting memories between you and this old card in the comments section.

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