Sotheby’s official propaganda and Jay Chou’s Cross Border Cooperation

Beijing business daily (reporter Hu Xiaoyu) according to Sotheby’s auction official micro news on May 24, Sotheby’s will carry out cross-border cooperation with Jay Chou in June to present an activity combining popular entertainment and art. The cooperation also marks the first time that Sotheby’s “comparative cured” auction series will land in Asia.

It is understood that, as the curator of the first “contemporary curated: Asia”, Jay Chou will select and plan a series of excellent works of art. All works will be sold in the evening auction on June 18 and in the day auction online from June 10 to 22. The late shooting will be led by Jean Michel Basquiat’s “Untitled” in 1985, which was featured on the cover of the New York Times in the same year. For this combination of pop entertainment and art, the auction also includes three sets of costumes worn by Jay Chou during his seventh World Tour “the strongest on the surface”. All proceeds from the auction will be donated to charity.

Ho Shihui, an expert of Sotheby’s contemporary art department, who is responsible for planning the auction, said that “controlled curated” is one of Sotheby’s most creative auction series. It was introduced to Asia for the first time this year, and there is no more suitable curator than Jay Chou. Jay Chou’s music and artistic vision inspire our generation. With the rise of young collectors in Asia, this groundbreaking auction will show the power of Asian art world to the world.

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