Will the installed power supply not be changed? Recognize 80plus gold power supply

Anyone who knows DIY should know that at present, in terms of high-end processors and graphics cards, although the performance is getting stronger and stronger, the power is also getting higher and higher, especially for processors and graphics cards, the power consumption can even reach 200W under full load; What’s more, the current RTX Series graphics card also increases the power consumption compared with before, so in terms of power supply, the general 400 ~ 500W power supply can not fully meet the power demand of the computer.

To solve the power demand of the computer, the way is to directly increase the power supply. How to choose a power supply has become a headache for some novice players. After all, the power supply has to provide power for the whole computer. Bad power supply may even affect the stability of the computer, or even burn the computer; At present, there are many kinds of power supplies on the market, and the selection is dazzling. In this case, you might as well take a look at the following power supplies.

Hangjia wd600k600w gold medal power supply

There is a very simple way to choose power supply, that is to buy gold medal power supply directly. Gold medal power supply refers to the products certified by 80plus gold medal. The gold medal power supply will have the logo of 80plus gold medal on the packaging and products. Although the price of gold medal power supply is much higher than that of ordinary power supply, first of all, the most direct advantage of gold medal power supply is higher energy efficiency. The conversion efficiency of gold medal power supply can reach 90% under typical load (50%), which is more than 10% higher than that of power supply without 80plus, that is, it can save more power.

In order to achieve the gold medal efficiency, the power supply needs to make great efforts in the design, especially in order to achieve higher conversion efficiency in the limited space, the gold medal power supply needs to choose a more efficient scheme in the design. At present, the mainstream gold medal power supply adopts the active PFC + LLC resonance + dctodc architecture, which is a very mature scheme. This Hangjia wd600k power supply adopts active PFC + LLC resonance + dctodc architecture; Secondly, the internal components of the power supply are also very important. The gold medal power supply will choose better components, and the margin will be more sufficient. For example, the general 500W power supply will use the main capacitor of 220 micro method to ensure the turn off time, while the gold medal power supply will use the capacitor of 270 micro method to start, such as Hangjia wd600k power supply with the main capacitor of 450v470 micro method can be said to be more luxurious, and the difference between different components is a big performance gap.

In order to avoid the influence of high temperature on the output of power supply, Hangjia wd600k is equipped with higher quality components to ensure low heat in a narrow space. At the same time, it is equipped with temperature control fan to make the noise of the product lower and the user experience better.

Of course, the most important thing is the price. If you know the price of the power supply, you will know that the price in previous years was about 1W, and the price of this gold medal 600W power supply is only 379 yuan in Jingdong Hangjia self owned flagship store. Even if the budget is not enough, you still enjoy the stability brought by the gold medal power supply.

Xingu gp750g650w patriotic power supply

For a long time, once it is mentioned, it will be equated with poor quality. Domestic power supply is easy to explode in the early stage, and in the early stage, it really makes consumers have negative emotions because of quality problems. But with the development of technology, the quality of domestic products has made great progress. All materials of this gp750g patriotic power supply are from mainland China and Taiwan, and are jointly built by first-line suppliers.

Xingu gp750g patriotic power supply first adopts active PFC adaptive 96 ~ 264v wide voltage in terms of safety, adopts seven fold protection, and has all-round protection in terms of over-current, over-voltage, over-voltage, under voltage, short circuit, lightning strike, overload and overheating, almost covering all kinds of problems that may occur in daily use of power supply. In particular, in terms of heat dissipation, Xingu gp750g patriotic power supply first adopts the lccpro architecture independently developed. Generally speaking, this architecture only uses one heat sink to complete the heat dissipation of the whole machine. Although it doesn’t look like much, the thermal efficiency of this way is much higher than that of multiple pieces of heat dissipation linked together; Secondly, aiclooer intelligent temperature control circuit is adopted, and large-size hydraulic fan with a diameter of 14cm is used. It can be said that this power supply has made great efforts in heat dissipation.

The price of 439 yuan of Xingu gp750g power supply is also in the middle level, and the current fan price is 419 yuan. The products are excellent in performance and safety, and have good cost performance. Maybe we should put down our prejudice against domestic products and support domestic products.

MSI mpga650gf650w gold medal power supply

If you want to assemble a high-end computer, the power supply as a part to protect the power of the whole host must have a very high standard. In particular, the current new rtx30 Series graphics card, to ensure that the power supply can keep up with the graphics card, the interface should not be sloppy.

MSI mpga650gf650w gold power supply can be said to be built for rtx30 Series graphics card. Mpg series power supply is designed for RTX Series graphics card, supporting 1-3 8pin power supply, ensuring that the graphics card can have sufficient power to deal with various situations at any time.

All Japanese 105 ℃ capacitors are used in the interior, which brings more stable and efficient power supply performance; The flat module cable makes the wiring inside the chassis more neat and convenient. Small volume can also easily cope with various sizes of chassis, so that there is more space inside the chassis, ensuring more smooth air circulation and better heat dissipation performance. At the same time, a 14cmfdb bearing fan is used, which only has 22dB sound during operation, so it is quieter to use.

Although the price is more expensive, the current pre-sale price is 799 yuan, but the pre-sale price is 549 yuan; But the overall quality and workmanship are very good. As a power supply specially made for RTX, it is very cost-effective.

Many people focus on the processor, graphics card, memory and other places that have a greater impact on performance, and think that good steel should be used in the blade; However, as the main power source of a computer, the power supply has a great impact on a computer. Therefore, in terms of power supply, we should not worry too much about the price. After all, if it affects the operation of the computer, the gain is not worth the loss.

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