Do you want to buy it or not? Apple M1 MacBook Pro



For those who want to buy but feel the price is expensive, Apple’s official website in China also has more preferential M1 devices, namely M1 MacBook AI and M1 MacBook Pro.

你买不买?苹果上架M1 MacBook Pro官翻机

Now, the new MacBook Pro with M1 processor is on the official website of Apple China. Because it is a refurbished machine, the price is much cheaper. Compared with the original version, it is 1500 yuan to 2180 yuan cheaper

M1 MacBook Pro: 8GB + 256gb price 8499 yuan (original price 9999 yuan), 8GB + 512gb price 9769 yuan (original price 11499 yuan), 16GB + 512gb price 11049 yuan (original price 12999 yuan), 16GB + 1TB price 12319 yuan (original price 14499 yuan).

Apple said the renovated MacBook Pro models were thoroughly inspected, tested and cleaned, and a new usb-c power adapter and usb-c cable were provided in the box.

In Apple’s view, there is almost no difference between the renovated macbook pro and the new model, and the warranty period is exactly the same as that of the new model: it takes one year from the date of delivery of the notebook, and if Apple care + is used, the warranty period can be extended to three years from the date of purchase.

Author: Zhang Fan



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