Shadow spirit 7 evaluation: official propaganda is boring? What you want to know is here

In anticipation, HP finally released its new shadow Genie 7 game book on May 20. I believe many players have a preliminary understanding of the appearance, configuration and other aspects of shadow Genie 7. How about its actual performance? Are you looking forward to it!?

Fortunately, the pconline evaluation room got an HP omen shadow wizard 7 at the first time. Although it is not a mass production model, it is very close to the engineering machine on the market. Except for the network card model, the rest are the same as the mass production machine. Next, Xiaobian will take you to understand the performance of the new HP shadow Genie 7 first!

Hardware configuration analysis

Firstly, the test conditions are as follows:


Memory: 16gbddr43200mhz

Hard disk: 1tbpie4.0ssd

Screen: 144hz + 100% sRGB

System version: windows10

Video card driver version: 462.42

Room temperature: 26 ℃

To tell you the truth, the hardware configuration of shadow wizard 7 is basically full of highlights. Its graphics card nvidiageforcertx3070 has 8gbgdr6 video memory, and the highest boost frequency can reach 1290mhz. It can be seen that rtx30 Series graphics cards have great advantages in performance and energy consumption compared with the previous generation.

According to the hardware information identified in the NVIDIA control panel, the maximum power of the rtx3070 graphics card carried by the shadow Genie 7 is 115W, which really achieves the release of full power consumption.

In terms of processor, the shadow Genie 7 is equipped with Intel corei7-11800h, with 8 cores, 16 threads, 24MB three-level cache, and the highest frequency of single core can reach 4.6ghz. With the new 11th generation tigerlake-h fully upgraded process technology and new micro architecture design, it can be perfectly matched with rtx3070 to bring strong game performance.

Nowadays, the mainstream PC games almost cover the switching of multiple scenes; In the aspect of online games, there are many synchronization technologies, such as multi person synchronization online, preloading scene and so on, which put forward higher requirements for the reading and writing ability of hard disk. In terms of hard disk, HP shadow Genie 7 is pre installed with 1tbpie4.0 game console solid-state hard disk, which has passed the crystal disk mark test. The read speed is 7073.97mb/s, and the write speed is 5269.29mb/s. Compared with the previous generation of pcie3.0, the read-write speed has improved significantly.

Processor performance test

Now that we have a general understanding of the hardware configuration, let’s take a look at the processor performance of shadow wizard 7

The first is the classic V17 test in CPU-Z, single core 614.4, multi-core 5812.2. The good performance of this core i7-11800h is obvious to all.

The following is the test of geekbench5. This test project is a popular cross platform processor performance test at present. Compared with the previous generation of products, it has greatly improved both in single core performance and multi-core performance.

For processor rendering test, cinebench R20, R23 and V-Ray benchmark are used respectively, and HP shadow Genie 7 performs very well.

Cinebench R20: single core 581pts, multi-core 5417pts

Cinebench R23: single core 1515pts, multi-core 14069pts

V-Ray benchmark: processor rendering score 10402

Performance test of graphics card

Next, test the performance of the graphics card

3dmark firestrike scored 20216 and graphics card scored 25581

3dmarktimespy scored 9962 and graphics card scored 9896

3dmarkportroyal scored 5878 and graphics card scored 5857

It can be seen that the performance of shadow Genie 7 graphics card is still very eye-catching, with strong performance, easily supporting players to play 3A masterpiece.

Comprehensive ability: Game measurement and copying machine measurement

With the powerful performance of each core hardware configuration and the release of maximum 115W full power consumption of graphics card, players can completely feel the charm of HP shadow Genie 7 game book by turning on the direct connection mode of graphics card in frenzy mode. Xiaobian is in this setting, a variety of game experience.

Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey

With the highest special effects at 1080p resolution, the average frame rate of HP shadow wizard 7 reaches 75fps; As for the game, it was said that it was not easy to conquer this hardware killer game, which was able to open all special effects and meet 60fps +!

Lonely island 5

Test “island 5”, also in 1080p resolution to open the highest special effects, HP shadow Genie 7 average frame rate can be stable at 122fps.

War machine 5

At 1080p resolution, the image quality of war machine 5 is set to super high, and vertical synchronization is turned off. The average frame rate of the test is 115.6 FPS, and the overall effect is very smooth.

Tomb Raider: Shadow

In the game Tomb Raider: shadow, with the highest special effects, HP shadow Genie 7 can stabilize the average frame rate at 121fps, easy and without pressure.

In the mainstream 3A games on the market, HP shadow Genie 7 has reached the level that can perfectly deal with them. Admittedly, game testing is only a short test process. In normal games, players may make the computer reach a high load state for a long time. In this process, whether there will be frequency reduction and other phenomena is the key to affect the player experience.

At this time, we need to test the toaster to see if the performance of HP shadow Genie 7 is still reliable under heavy load for a long time! We use aida64fpu + Furmark to double bake shadow wizard 7. The baking time is about 20 minutes. The power consumption of processor and graphics card is about 45W + 115W. And there is no frequency down phenomenon, has a very reliable experience.

Appearance introduction

In terms of appearance, the mold of shadow Genie 7 continues to use the excellent design language of the previous generation, and on this basis, the mold is optimized and updated. And it’s commendable that shadow Genie 7 can expand the screen to 16.1 inches and increase the visual area by 6.6% by optimizing the three side narrow frame design again without changing the size of the 15.6-inch fuselage, so that players can have a better and larger view of the game.

In terms of screen configuration, shadow Genie 7 is equipped with a 16.1-inch 16:9 HD display, and the screen gamut is upgraded to 100% sRGB high gamut. The screen resolution of Xiaobian is 1920×1080, and the refresh rate is 144hz (up to 2K + 165hz), which can meet the high demand of game players for FPS games. In addition, the screen supports DC dimming, and the electronic competition screen version has passed the blue light eye protection certification of Rhine and eyesafe in Germany, which protects the vision of game players to a certain extent.

This shadow wizard 7 adopts a 26 key non impact keyboard design with a numeric keypad, and is configured with four partition RGB. Compared with the previous generation of shadow Genie 6, the touchpad design increases the area by 19%, and the operation experience is more comfortable.

In terms of expansibility, shadow wizard 7 has rich interface configuration, which can meet the needs of most players’ peripherals.

Other features

Shadow wizard 7 pre installed HP game control center (omengaminghub), keyboard configuration dedicated shortcut key, convenient for players to quickly open. Entering the game control center, you can adjust the intelligent voltage drop. This function refers to reducing the CPU core voltage without reducing the CPU performance, so as to reduce the CPU heat and bring the best energy consumption ratio.

Moreover, compared with the previous operation that only Dashen would perform, the intelligent voltage drop provided by OGH makes it easy for Xiaobai to try. The intelligent voltage drop with one key is quite convenient. Because I’m familiar with the operation of voltage drop, I use the custom mode experience to adjust the core voltage offset manually, and carry out its own test. The results are as follows:

It is not difficult to find that after the voltage reduction operation, the average CPU temperature is only increased by 1 ℃ (previously 56 ℃), and the authorized maximum CPU frequency is increased by 0.62ghz. I believe you guys are also very clear about the benefits of CPU frequency, such performance tuning is very practical.


Overall, the overall performance of the release of shadow wizard 7 is satisfactory. From the appearance of the optimization and upgrading, to the hardware configuration of the material, and then to the software system level update and upgrading, each place has different progress, but also to bring players a better experience. And what we got was the engineering machine. I believe that the mass production machine delivered to the players can improve the user experience by a small margin. At present, shadow Genie 7 is in the hot booking in Jingdong Mall, and the price is very surprising. It will be put on sale on June 1, so please don’t miss it.



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