Win10 is bugging again! Update causes backup damage and camera failure

[pconline information] since the release of win10, there have been many problems, and some users even called it “bug10”. Now, there’s something wrong with win10 again! Last month, win10 launched the latest cumulative update in February, which fixed a lot of faults, but introduced new problems. According to the report of windows lastest, this update of win10 has caused failures in file history backup tool and webcam, and even caused app crash, installation failure and other errors.

According to the introduction, file recording is the default backup solution of win10, which allows users to backup file snapshots to USB or network memory. Obviously, this is a once and for all backup scheme of “forget after setting”. However, after the cumulative update of win10 kb4601319 in February, this backup scheme was destroyed.

Some users reported that this update caused the file history of some users to be destroyed, causing the backup to fail completely. After uninstalling the kb4601319 patch, normal backup can be restored. There is a discussion about this issue in the Microsoft community, but no Microsoft insiders have yet acknowledged the issue.

In the discussion string of the Microsoft community, there are indeed other users who report the failure of the design file history function. In addition, users report the problem in reddit and other places.

One user pointed out that the failure would first cause a significant delay, then “backup options” would appear on the screen, and then the error “your data has not been backed up” would appear. When users click the “backup now” option, the “Cancel” button will appear, and the backup does not work. In addition, there will be another error when trying to back up. The prompt message says that the file cannot be copied to the file history drive and the user data backup cannot be started (error 80070005).

Users claim that they have encountered these same problems since February 10. At present, we have tried to completely reset the file history, delete the configuration file, and change the backup folder to another external drive, but the problem still exists. The final solution is to roll back the kb4601319 patch to the original version.

Therefore, if you also encounter such problems, you might as well uninstall the kb4601319 patch and roll back the system.

The kb4601319 patch caused more than that.

Although Microsoft has not officially acknowledged the problem of file backup, it has confirmed another problem, that is, the failure of K webcam, which will affect the functions of windows camera and windows Hello verification.

In the feedback center, Microsoft software engineers confirmed that the latest win10 upgrade will paralyze the Intel realsense camera, and they are currently in the process of repairing it.

If you want to fix the problem now, the only way is to remove the kb4601319 patch.

It is reported that Microsoft is currently focusing on the release of win10 21h2 in the second half of this year. This version of win10 will bring great subversion. I hope the bug can be controlled better when the new version is launched.

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