Can high swipe screen only compete in electronic games? You are wrong, love attack ag274uxp high quality very!

For many gamers, buying a monitor is a dilemma. If you choose a 4K resolution display with higher resolution and better image quality, the refresh rate of the game screen can not reach the level of e-sports, and if you choose a high refresh rate, the highest resolution can only go to the level of 2K. Now, for the game players who pursue the ultimate HD and high refresh rate, there is a new choice, that is AOC’s aigong ag274uxp, which has a refresh rate of 144hz on the basis of 4K resolution. It can be said that it is an epoch-making display product.

Aigong ag274uxp is a 27 inch monitor with a resolution of 4096×2160. It’s a standard 4K resolution. You should know that the first impression of 27 inch monitor with high-definition TV resolution is delicacy. If you look at the pictures and fonts close to the monitor, it will give you the feeling of reading on paper. The jagged sense of words and pictures will disappear, bringing you an unprecedented HD experience.

For e-game players, the refresh rate is also very important. Therefore, aigong ag274uxp improves the refresh rate to 144hz on the basis of 4K resolution. That is to say, you can not only enjoy the high-definition visual enjoyment brought by 4K resolution, but also experience the refresh rate of E-sports level. Running some fast-paced and smooth E-sports games like apex hero at 4K resolution, the high-definition and fluency brought by the display are integrated, It can be said that playing video games with aigong ag274uxp is a top-level enjoyment.

For E-sports display, refresh rate is one of the important factors that affect the experience, and the other is the panel response time. The faster the panel response, the faster your mouse and keyboard input can respond to the screen. The most intuitive experience is almost zero wait operation follower. Aigong ag274uxp adopts the ultimate version of nanoips at the flagship level. It has extremely fast response time and reduces image drag. The fastest response speed can reach 1ms, so that you can still have the ultimate experience of electronic games in high-definition images.

In terms of image quality, people often think that it is difficult to use the video displayed by electronic competition to do video or design work. If you view aigong ag274uxp in this way, you are wrong. Aigong ag274uxp display panel uses the local dimming side entry partition backlight system, which has higher contrast in high brightness, and can make the picture closer to the real situation seen by human eyes in high-precision scene. Each aigong ag274uxp has been calibrated by professional instruments before leaving the factory. The value of dltae is less than 2, and it is equipped with environmental light shield, which makes the color accuracy reach the level of professional display. Therefore, it is also a good problem to use it to work.

These advantages are just a few of the features of aigong ag274uxp. In terms of creating atmosphere, aigong also creates a unique three-dimensional integrated surround RGB lighting control system for users. When you turn on the RGB projection lamp on the bracket at night, you can project 14 kinds of cool lighting effects and 100000 kinds of colors onto the table, bringing a very cool atmosphere of electronic competition.

In fact, the 4k144hz specification actually requires a very high bandwidth for the display, so aigong ag274uxp is equipped with full blood version of hdmi2.1 interface and dp1.4 high bandwidth interface to meet the data transmission of high resolution and high brush picture. In addition, the display also provides a 65W power type-C interface, which can support the mainstream type-C interface of mobile phone or notebook line direct connection, and can reverse charge the mobile phone or notebook.

For the top-level graphics card like 3090 released last year, the conventional 4k60hz display can not meet the performance of the graphics card. As the saying goes, a good horse with a good saddle, that is, aigong ag274uxp, which supports hdmi2.1 interface, can give full play to the 144hz high brush experience in 4K resolution.

Aigong ag274uxp is equipped with an ergonomic bracket, which supports up and down, left and right, vertical screen, pitch angle and even wall hanging. No matter how high your desk and seat are, you can find the most suitable screen viewing posture for you. The monitor also comes with two 5W stereos. For example, when using ps5 to play host games, you can make sound directly on the monitor without external audio.

In general, aigong ag274uxp is definitely a cross era product. It is one of the few displays on the market that can achieve a 4K resolution of 144hz refresh rate. It also supports hdr600 technology. It can give you the ultimate visual experience whether you are playing games or watching movies. If you have several high-end graphics cards such as 3080 and 3090, Then take it home to enjoy the unprecedented HD High brush experience.

Author: Ye Mi



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