From 5199 yuan! HP vs x high end business book pre sale: zen3 architecture + super long life

When a notebook opens several large files at the same time, it will get stuck, the power will avalanche at the critical moment, and it will get scarred when it bumps lightly… Many business people must have similar experience. Recently, HP launched the “battle X” high-end business edition, which is dedicated to bringing outstanding experience to young and fashionable business groups. The author learned from the official website that at present, the battle x high-end business version of sharp dragon has started to make an appointment for rush purchase. It officially launched on June 1, with 5199 yuan for 12 interest free issues, and then sent HP’s high-end demonstration mouse. So this price is only 5000 price business instinct to meet the needs of users?

Usability is the premise for business people to work efficiently. This “Sufficiency” is reflected in: daily office is not stuck, processing heavy data (such as Excel) can be efficient and accurate, in some critical moments to maintain “combat effectiveness”! The high-end business version of zhanx is equipped with r55600u processor based on zen3 architecture (up to r75800u), which adopts 6-core 12 thread design and 7Nm process. If business people don’t care for these parameters, it can be simply understood that this processor is the existence of both performance and cost performance of the mobile terminal. Because the r55600u single core performance of zen3 architecture is strong, it is not a problem to deal with business people’s regular office, office and even light online game entertainment, which also makes the price of this business product with 10000 yuan texture only about 5000 yuan.

In addition, the high-end business version of zhanx is equipped with 16GB of memory and 512gb of solid state memory as standard. It can open multiple large files, software and store important information and videos at the same time. This combined configuration can basically cope with it. Of course, if users have higher demand for use and storage, the battle x high-end business version of the sharp dragon also supports the expansion of 64GB dual channel memory and 2TB solid-state dual memory, helping business people to enter the working state faster and handle work tasks faster.

For business people who often go out for meetings and business trips, the endurance of business book also directly affects the use experience and work efficiency. Especially in the long-distance high-speed railway and transnational aircraft, the short time can be as short as four or five hours, and the more than ten hours. In the face of the temporary demand, the super long endurance can keep the business people “combat effectiveness”.

Thanks to zen3 micro architecture, the AMD sharp dragon 5000U series mobile processor in the sharp dragon version of zhanx high-end business not only brings excellent performance experience to business people, but also greatly improves the endurance of notebook. Plus ultra-low power consumption 1W screen blessing, battle x high-end business version of the dragon can achieve nearly 20 hours of endurance. Daily office and business trip can basically realize the freedom of “Endurance”.

As an inseparable productivity tool for workplace users, the high-end appearance of business can always leave a deep impression on people, so as to give users the blessing of identity. The sharp dragon version of zhanx high-end business inherits the high-end business characteristics. The silver gray fuselage is very versatile, and the clean and regular A-side is only decorated with the unique “potato chips” logo of HP high-end series. The fuselage is made of high-strength aluminum alloy, taking into account the compression resistance and strength, and the CNC integrated molding process makes the details of the whole machine more delicate. It has passed 19 mil-std-810h military standard tests in the United States. It can help users meet the challenges anytime and anywhere. It is an excellent choice for business elites in the workplace.

In addition, the battle x high-end business version of the sharp dragon is also equipped with an 85% ultra narrow frame high gamut screen (100% sRGB gamut), which is full of immersion in viewing documents, movies and entertainment. The screen has a brightness of up to 400 nits and supports photosensitive adjustment. In terms of interface, it provides users with two full-function type-C interfaces, two usb3.1 interfaces, one hdmi2.0 interface and one headphone microphone interface. Rich interface and scalability, can meet the needs of peripheral connection in a variety of business occasions. Professional B & amp; O professional audio, 360 ° Omnidirectional noise reduction microphone, 88 ° Wide angle camera and fingerprint identification, adjustable privacy camera, silent anti splash keyboard, customizable programming keys and other technologies can bring comfortable use experience for business users.

It is worth mentioning that the high-end business version of zhanx also supports 2-year battery warranty, 1-year on-site maintenance, 7 * 24-hour cloud online service, etc.

It can be seen that the battle x high-end business version of the sharp dragon has strong processing power, and can provide great comfort + stability + portability for business people in many details. It is a highly efficient and stable productivity tool worthy of purchase in 2021.

Author: Li Fei



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