How does novice Xiaobai buy household appliances? How about this nanny level shopping guide!

Household electrical appliances are full of hype, and it’s tiring to see all kinds of terms. How to choose home appliances for those who have difficulty in choosing, those who don’t wash their hair or go out, and those who want to upgrade their quality of life? As a 10-year social shopping experience, I decided to give you a nanny class home appliances shopping guide! Thank you~

In my opinion, one of the most important principles in choosing household appliances is not to be the brain powder of a certain brand, but the loyal powder of one’s own wallet. Starting from the demand, looking for the most suitable high cost goods.


First of all, the choice of platform is very important. Only a reliable platform can guarantee the quality and service of household appliances. As an experienced hand chopper, our household appliances are all placed in Jingdong. The main thing is to value the guarantee of Jingdong household appliances always adhere to the genuine goods. They are very strict in product quality control, and the strict quality inspection and sampling process standards will shut out many bad businesses and low-quality products, which can be regarded as the first step of “screening” for us. In addition, the product categories of Jingdong household appliances cover many fields, and there are c2m reverse customization “Jingpin household appliances” to choose from, which can maximally meet the purchase needs of different users.

In addition to product quality, good service guarantee can avoid a lot of bad things in our purchase process. In view of this, Jingdong appliance is also well-known. As early as 2013, it launched service policies such as “30 day price protection, 30 day return for quality problems, 180 day exchange for quality problems”. In 2018, it launched 36 service commitments, as well as services such as small secretary of JD home appliances. For our consumers, placing an order in Jingdong appliance can realize the purchase of peace of mind, with the rest of the mind shopping desire.


Secondly, different categories of home appliances have a knack to choose. for instance:

1. Choose dishwasher, which is being decorated or can be modified cabinet can choose embedded dishwasher; small kitchen or no spare cabinet can choose desktop dishwasher; family of three can choose 6-8 sets, big family choose more than 13 sets; if you need to wash the pot, directly choose large capacity, some dishwasher also has “hot pot washing” function, especially for heavy oil.

2. Refrigerators should choose products with more than 300 liters, preferably with partition storage function, which can not only keep fruits and vegetables fresh, but also better preserve tea and other dry products; refrigerators with variable temperature area, 0 degree mode can ensure that fresh meat will not deteriorate or cut in a short time; if there is a large demand for freezing, you can also buy a separate freezer.

3. Air conditioning will implement new energy efficiency standards from 2020, and it is better to choose new energy efficiency products. The refrigeration (heat) capacity should be selected properly. Remember to buy a large one instead of a small one. Choose one for 10m ~ 2, one for 10-15m ~ 2, 1.5 for 14-20m ~ 2, two for 20-30m ~ 2 and three for 30-40m ~ 2

And remember! Don’t deal with your old household appliances in the form of “scrap”. If you trade in the old for the new, you can get a subsidy of 1000 yuan, which is very cost-effective! Especially for air conditioners, there are no restrictions on brands, years and products. The old hanging machine costs 300 yuan, while the cabinet machine costs 600 yuan. Besides, free door-to-door service, free machine dismantling and free transportation are also available?


The last point! Of course, it’s a good time to save money. From March 9 to March 15, Jingdong 315 quality home appliance Festival is in the process of promotion, with 30% off for every 300, up to 24 interest free periods, plus preferential subsidies of replacing the old with the new. You can buy a good product for a small amount of money, and the rest of the money is not good for spareribs! What are you waiting for? Let’s get started!

“New appliances, new life”, together towards the quality of life!



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