Armv9 architecture released, small core A55 was promoted for the first time in four years



On the evening of May 25, Beijing time, arm announced the new mobile terminal architecture of V9 system. This time, in addition to the new cortex-x2 and cortex-a78 successor cortex-a710, cortex-a55, representing the small core, has been upgraded for the first time since its release in 2017.


CPU architecture:

The performance of cortex-x2 is 16% higher than that of x1, and machine learning ml is doubled;

Compared with cortex-a78, cortex-a710 has 10% performance improvement, 30% energy efficiency and twice machine learning ml under the same frequency and same process;

Compared with cortex-a55, cortex-a510 has 35% performance improvement, 20% energy efficiency improvement and three times performance.


GPU architecture:

The arm mali-g710 kernel can be customized, with a minimum of 7 kernels and a maximum of 16 kernels, which is lower than the upper limit of mali-g78, but the core is larger, with stronger performance (+ 50%), and higher energy efficiency;

Arm mali-g610 can be configured with 1-6 cores, the others are the same as G710, and are oriented to low-end SOC;

Compared with G57, arm mali-g510 achieves 100% performance improvement, 22% energy consumption improvement and 100% ml improvement;

Compared with G31, arm mali-g310 achieves a great leap forward in three performance areas (texture performance 6x, Vulkan performance 4.5X and Android UI content 2x).


Arm predicts that compared with the current A78 / g78 design, the chip with a710 CPU and G710 GPU will bring 33% CPU performance improvement, 20% GPU performance improvement and 15% efficiency improvement for the game workload. This is a considerable generational progress.


Author: Chen Muliang



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