From a cup of milk on the breakfast table, we can understand that JD cloud helps to upgrade the number of blue finches

Lanque is a new generation of health drink brand in China. Adhering to the core concept of “global integration, helping health”, it selects health drinks in the world, cooperates with the world’s top suppliers, establishes European industrial chain layout, and establishes solid cooperative relations with suppliers from Poland, Germany, Austria, France, Cyprus and other countries, To bring global supply chain to domestic consumers and import health dairy products. As a leading brand of imported milk, with the continuous expansion of China’s dairy market, lanque has established a deep long-term strategy at the front end of the global supply chain, maintained a long-term and stable cooperation with the top 20 European leading dairy enterprises in the world, established a good cooperative relationship with the governments of European dairy exporting countries, and obtained support and endorsement from many European governments. In China, lanque has carried out in-depth cooperation with Jingdong, realizing the rapid growth of brand, channel and performance.

从早餐桌上的一杯牛奶 看懂京东云助力兰雀数智化升级

In the era of e-commerce, the pain of retail brand data flow

As a C-end retail brand, lanque’s major e-commerce platforms have become an important channel for its product sales. In October 2017, lanque milk went online to Jingdong supermarket, with an annual growth rate of more than 300%. Operators log on to nearly 10 different e-commerce platforms every day to view relevant operation data, screen value data, set up a data center belonging to the private domain of the enterprise, and analyze the business operation of the enterprise through a whole set of intelligent analysis, so as to guide decision-making and the next marketing plan.

The operators of lanque repeat the process of query, collection, sorting and analysis every day and every month, which costs a lot of manpower. At the same time, the inevitable error rate and delay behind manual operation may bring deviation and risk to business decision-making.

The Jingdong Yunding service platform built by Jingdong cloud for the brand merchants in Jingdong Mall can provide a one-stop retail application cloud computing platform for businesses like lanque, providing flexible cloud computing resources, reliable security services, efficient data push services, and standardized gateway services. The RPA products can effectively solve the complicated operation data of lanque, Analysis of difficult problems.

Data interconnection, breaking down barriers between systems

As the leading import brand of milk single category sales in Jingdong 618 event, the digital system of lanque milk during the event also experienced a severe test. The efficient connection of e-commerce, logistics, customer service and other links became the key for lanque to win 618.

JD cloud RPA service has set up 51 automatic processes for lanque business platform, which improves the operation efficiency of lanque milk five times. According to the preset rules, the software robot can extract data from the system, including store sales, store flow, total commodity ranking, daily operation, sales, brand marketing promotion, etc., and grasp the after-sales and store scoring situation in real time, so as to help lanque understand the store SKU, comments, customer unit price, customer group, sales, daily price trend and other information in real time.

In addition to the e-commerce operation Department, the internal supply chain, finance, personnel, customer service and other departments of lanque involve a lot of solidification process and repetitive work. At the same time, there are inevitable business barriers between various departments and systems, which makes it difficult to integrate data quickly and effectively. RPA can effectively integrate structured data and unstructured data among various business systems. For example, the purchase data of a certain type of dairy products in lanque business system needs to be applied by multiple departments, such as operation, finance, supply chain, etc., but there is usually inaccurate data. Because there is no data center for unified data management, all departments need to download, decompress, summarize and process the data by their own hands, and check the data to ensure the accuracy of the data, It can be used to output the report information of the Department. RPA can automatically obtain data resources, automatically check and label abnormal data, arrange manual real-time processing of abnormal data, automatically import the cleaned data to the data center for retention, for various departments to query and use, and realize data reuse and unified management.

AI blessing to realize the leap of supply chain capability

Data collection and data processing is the core of RPA enabling data-based operation and improving operation efficiency. After completing the data collection of each business system, it becomes the top priority of the next link to analyze, match and process the data with the help of AI ability.

从早餐桌上的一杯牛奶 看懂京东云助力兰雀数智化升级

Podlaskie, the birthplace of blue finch milk, originated from the golden milk source belt of 40-50 N latitude in Europe. It is a land with primitive nature and optimal ecosystem in Europe. As an imported milk brand, in order to ensure the fresh quality of lanque milk, the whole process of lanque milk is totally sealed by sea for 45 days. In this process, the accurate control of arrival time is an important link to improve the efficiency of the supply chain. The introduction of AI capability can automatically identify Po order number, match and query freight detail information, and accurately analyze the arrival time of dairy cargo ship according to historical data and external environment. With the blessing of AI, RPA robot can add intelligent cognitive ability, read documents and extract specified information. This is the combination of automatic hand and automatic brain.

Improve operation efficiency and deposit data assets

The technical director of lanque said that the operation and customer service personnel of our enterprise need to process a large number of user replies and traffic data every day, and one person operates more than ten groups. With JD cloud RPA, we can write automatic reply scripts according to the keywords asked by customers, which greatly improves the work efficiency and user experience, and enables employees to focus more on data analysis with higher added value Decision making and innovation work can help enterprises improve the competitiveness of their products in the market and achieve win-win results. At the same time, with the help of JD cloud RPA operation data platform, the data assets of our enterprise can be precipitated, and the data reuse of finance, personnel, customer service and other departments also reduces the personnel pressure of each department, and truly realizes the cost reduction and efficiency increase.

In order to improve the reliability of the system, two robots can be set in the RPA robot cluster of JD cloud to back up each other. If one of the robots fails, the RPA console will automatically schedule the tasks to other robots to continue to execute, ensuring the high reliability requirements of the system.

JD cloud, a digital intelligent solution provider with better understanding of retail

After more than ten times of 618 trillion level traffic peak test, JD cloud supports the operation of millions of SKU in stock goods in JD every day, serves hundreds of thousands of businesses and nearly 500 million consumers, and has a unique advantage in helping retail enterprises realize digital intelligence upgrading. Based on a deep understanding of retail enterprises, JD cloud provides a number of exclusive services such as operation, marketing and Jingdong Yunding for the majority of brands and retailers, and uses technical services to support businesses to “go to the cloud and use numbers to endow wisdom”.



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