Sennheiser HD 450bt evaluation: enjoy exclusive music space after work

In the hustle and bustle of the city, every worker’s life is not easy. Apart from eating, sleeping and working every day, the rest of his leisure time is naturally precious. Since ancient times, life has been so enjoyable that he can enjoy half a day’s leisure. On the way from work to commuting, he can listen to his favorite songs, immerse himself in the beautiful melody of music, and ease the tiredness of the day. Nothing is more comfortable.

But in this snowy winter, it seems not easy to have a quiet environment to enjoy music. The cold wind on the road, the noise of the bus and subway… The music feast in the ear can’t be carried out happily. Some people may say that workers can’t afford thousands of wireless Bluetooth noise reduction headphones on the market. Just bear it. Does it take thousands of dollars to buy excellent noise reduction headphones? The Sennheiser HD 450bt active noise reduction Bluetooth headset, which we meet in the pconline evaluation room today, may change your view.

Appearance: light and fashionable

What we got is the white version of Sennheiser HD 450bt. When we first saw it, we saw the shadow of the familiar predecessor HD 4.50btnc. I think the old generation’s classic modeling also had a vote of loyal “face powder”. The most obvious change is that the symbolic Sennheiser metal logo on the headgear has changed into a brown gray logo with a frosted texture on a white background. Compared with the old generation who inherited the family style appearance, HD 450bt is just like a young man in fashionable new clothes. The overall vision is more novel and fashionable, and the weight is much lighter. HD 4.50btnc used to be like a classic music, but now HD 450bt is fashionable and popular, which young people like.

The novelty and fashion is not only the change of HD 450bt’s overall visual style, but also the adjustment of Sennheiser’s appearance details 450bt pays more attention to the integration of appearance, with a slight taste of Nordic minimalist style. The striking white theme runs through the headstock and unit of the headset. The brown gray decorative ring on the headstock and the logo on both sides complement the overall white. Compared with the color matching of white + champagne gold on the market, the white + brown gray on HD 450bt is more durable.

Minimalist appearance style is also fully implemented in the head beam, HD The 450bt headgear is wrapped with soft silica gel, and the surface is covered with a skin like coating, which conforms to the simple overall appearance. Don’t underestimate the thin silica gel layer on the headgear, which makes the head always maintain a good wearing feeling when wearing, and feel more comfortable when contacting with the skin. At the same time, thanks to the light weight of only 238G, the head won’t feel oppressed after wearing for a long time, The head beam supports 13 levels of length adjustment, and the big head users can easily wear it. In addition, it also supports the foldable design, which can fold the earphone when you go out, so that it can be easily stored in the free earphone bag.

Sennheiser HD 450bt adopts the whole ear unit cavity, which is made of artificial high protein skin wrapped with memory sponge. It has soft touch and certain air permeability. The whole ear headset can be said to be the Saviour of the ears in winter. It can make the ears enjoy the beautiful notes and protect them from the cold wind at the same time. There is a fine frosted texture on the outside of the cavity, so that it won’t be stained with a lot of fingerprints. There is no touch operation area on the surface. The daily operation area is on the lower right edge of the cavity. We can find the headset switch / pairing key, volume adjustment key, joystick for controlling playback and calling, and a key for quickly waking up voice assistant. It’s easy to learn and very fast. We can use it here One area for daily operation.

In terms of interface, HD 450bt adopts the mainstream USB type-C interface, supports fast charging, takes only 2 hours from zero to full charge, and the headset has a 30 hour endurance, and can monitor the power through app. It is also equipped with a 3.5mm interface, which can make the headset into a wired connection, which can be used on computers and other devices. When the headset is dead, it can also use the wired connection to continue to enjoy music.

Subjective experience: sound mellow noise reduction to meet daily needs

Before we start the audition, let’s first learn about Sennheiser smart control app, which is a mobile app created by Sennheiser for users. It can be connected only after the headphones are paired. It can monitor the status of Bluetooth headphones, provide simple and easy-to-use EQ equalizer for users to adjust the sound, and upgrade the firmware of the headphones. In order to ensure the original tone of the headphones, this evaluation is conducted in the state of turning off the headphones Eq.

Sennheiser HD 450bt supports ANC active noise reduction. Let’s feel its noise reduction performance first, put on and turn on the noise reduction mode. Thanks to the design of closed cavity and ANC active noise reduction, HD 450bt can reduce noise when walking along the road 450bt has eliminated the wind noise very well. When the car passes by, you can hear the subtle engine sound. In the rush hours of the subway, you can only hear the low voice produced by the train running and the conversation of the passengers around, HD 450bt basically eliminates the surrounding noise to almost imperceptible state. For the daily commuters, this headset is a good supplement to create a comfortable and quiet personal space on the way to work.

After experiencing the effect of noise reduction, we began to experience the sound performance of HD 450bt in noise reduction mode. We connected HD 450bt under aptx protocol The biggest feeling of 450bt sound to me is warm and mellow. If you often listen to Senhai’s headphones, you can easily recognize that this is Senhai’s unique music flavor. The low frequency dive in place, the overtone control is just right, the medium frequency is full and full of charm, and the sound is warm but not fuzzy at all. This is also Senhai’s unique tuning skill.

The mellow low frequency and medium frequency make HD 450bt’s high frequency performance conform to the style of medium and low frequency very well, making the music sound very smooth and comfortable as a whole, just like a strong latte slowly entering the throat, stretching, the sound field sounds like the feeling of living house, suitable for listening to some small love songs or relatively slow-paced pop music. If you like warm and thick sound, HD 450bt sound is absolutely to your taste.

Finally, let’s take a look at HD 450bt’s endurance performance. In a week’s time, after using the evaluation room for 2-3 hours a day, there is still 50% power left, basically in line with the official description of 30 hour endurance. HD 450bt supports Bluetooth 5.0 and aptx ™ Low latency, supporting low power consumption and low latency wireless transmission characteristics.

Summary of pconline evaluation room

In the hustle and bustle of the city, noise reduction earphones bring us a spiritual oasis of soul, immerse ourselves in our favorite music, temporarily forget the pressure brought by work, and relax our body and mind. Sennheiser, as an old manufacturer of earphones, attaches great importance to the needs of consumers 450bt caters to the aesthetics of young consumers from the appearance, while taking into account the excellent use experience. The price is also very close to the people. If your budget is not enough to buy top noise reduction headphones like wooden steamed bread, and you want to experience the quietness of active noise reduction, you can consider Sennheiser HD 450bt.

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