Huawei hilink’s new Japan F5 is coming soon. The latest play of internal examiner is coming!

As a program ape who has been dealing with the Internet of things for a long time, I never thought that one day my two wheeled small car would have something to do with intelligence, and I didn’t expect that I would become one of the first people to “eat crabs”.

A few days ago, I was invited to participate in the internal test of Huawei hilink F5 software by Xinri electric vehicle. It is mainly about the black box test of its software module. At the same time of testing the function, it also carries out the scene test, so as to test the human-computer interaction ability of the product.

Huawei hilink is the name of Huawei’s complete set of intelligent device solutions, and it is an important link in Huawei’s 1 + 8 + n strategy. The so-called Huawei 1 + 8 + n strategy is to take mobile phones as the core, expand 8 major businesses as nodes, and four application sectors based on N partners. The “+” is Huawei hilink, which forms tens of millions of Huawei intelligent life scenarios. Huawei hilink’s new Japan intelligent lithium tram is one of the 1gn, But it is also the only two wheeled electric vehicle brand in Huawei’s smart ecosystem.


I am a real “pollen”. My family, from TV to smart speaker, is made by Huawei. In terms of other household appliances, I also try to choose products within Huawei’s intelligent ecosystem, such as the corvos sweeping robot supporting Huawei hilink and the Rex ceiling lamp, because all these devices can be controlled by a Huawei mobile phone. The Huawei hilink version of the new Japan F5 is no exception. It only needs the “Smart Life” app in Huawei’s mobile phone to realize a variety of intelligent operations. However, the title of internal test experience officer makes me one of the first people to actually experience the Huawei hilink version of the new Japan F5.


Huawei hilink’s Xinri F5 intelligent lithium tram uses low-power Bluetooth (ble) communication technology, which not only consumes less power, but also reduces the loss of battery. The actual test shows that it will not lose a grid of power even if it stands for a week, and it can also be compatible with most of the existing mobile phones and tablets, as long as it supports ble (almost all brands of smart phones on the market support it), Both can be used as the smart key of Huawei hilink F5. You can enjoy the smart travel life brought by Xinri and Huawei without changing your mobile phone.


In terms of function settings, Huawei hilink F5 uses Huawei’s automatic scanning connection mode by default for the first time. Just put the mobile phone close to the electric car and it can be found by app. Moreover, every time the electric vehicle is connected with the mobile phone, it will automatically start the vehicle self-test function to detect the five equipment or parameter states of motor Hall, motor phase loss, handle, controller and motor undervoltage respectively, so as to ensure normal driving.


After entering the control interface, 8 main control functions can be seen. From top to bottom are power on switch, estimated remaining mileage and power, automatic car locking, anti-theft alarm, vehicle diagnosis, saddle opening, NFC card management and firmware update.

Power on switch: it mainly controls the power on of the whole vehicle equipment. After the switch is turned on, the vehicle is released and the one button start button of the body can work;

Estimated remaining mileage and power: it can intuitively display the remaining power of the current battery, and roughly display the remaining mileage. Every trip can make the car owner know it all the time;

Auto lock: when this function is enabled, when the vehicle is in the de armed state, it will be automatically armed after keeping the wheels stationary for 45 seconds;

Anti theft alarm: it is not available in the de armed state, and the vehicle position can be determined by pressing the key in the armed state;

Vehicle diagnosis: vehicle diagnosis when connected with Bluetooth;

Open the saddle: in addition to using the key to open the saddle, this function can also open the saddle without contact;

NFC card management: Huawei hilink F5 is equipped with NFC module, which can enable the electric vehicle to be powered on and unlocked by encrypting NFC card. In addition to the two NFC cards provided with the vehicle, it can also expand 8 user-defined NFC cards. Whether it is a physical low-frequency RF card or a mobile phone with NFC function, it can open and close the card through the NFC card management function, and can be retracted and released freely;

Firmware update: the firmware version can be updated in the future to achieve more functions or optimize the connection stability.


Since Huawei hilink version of Xinri F5 has become my commuter car, I have never met the situation of forgetting to pick up the car keys or lying on the road with insufficient mileage.

In addition, Huawei hilink F5 also supports car sharing function to realize vehicle sharing between relatives and friends. Just click “+” in the “Smart Life” app interface and select device sharing, you can share your car with other people through code scanning, Huawei account or wechat, so that other people have the same control as the owner.


As far as I’m concerned, Huawei hilink’s new day F5 is amazing enough. It not only changes my travel lifestyle, but also improves my overall efficiency. I believe that in the future, more Huawei hilink new Japan intelligent lithium trams will have stronger functions and lead our intelligent travel life. Let’s wait and see!



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