In preparation for the mine disaster? Buy a video card to play games

For game players, a high-performance game graphics card is very important, but in the face of a wide range of graphics cards, a variety of signals, we often appear “selection difficulty”, or simply think that the more expensive is the better. Many people have consulted me about this before. Today, I picked out the best of several similar graphics cards to teach you how to choose the right graphics card according to your own game needs, which can not only save money, but also get a relatively better experience.

Pursuit of high frame rate, e-game player: Xunjing rx6700xt12gb overseas version OC

For E-sports players, nothing matters, the number of frames should be put in the first place. However, most video games don’t need configuration. The bottleneck that affects the number of frames is the speed of CPU calling video memory. Previous CPU can only read and call 128MB of video memory, which makes it impossible to give full play to the core performance at high frame rate. So you will find that the same configuration, play 3A masterpiece is more than 100 frames, play lol, dota such games or more than 100 frames.

IFLYTEK rx6700xt12gb overseas version OC can bring you a different experience. It supports the SAM display memory and intelligence function of AMD platform. After the BIOS turns on this function, the CPU can call all of its 12gb video memory, so as to maximize the core performance. In many games, it can bring a significant increase in the number of frames, which is very suitable for online game players.

4K high quality, 3A player: geforcertx3090hofex Limited Edition

With the pursuit of higher and higher image quality, 1080p and even 2K resolution can not meet the needs of many image quality parties, 4K lifelike and delicate enough shock. However, if you want to ensure fluency at 4K resolution, this is not what ordinary graphics cards can do. The limited edition of geforcertx3090hofex is an exception. As the top flagship of this generation of n-card camp, its scale is extremely luxurious. The number of CUDA alone is more than twice that of the previous generation of rtx2080ti, let alone 24GB of horror memory.

All of these give it almost invincible image performance, even in the original 4K conditions to turn on light tracking, run a lot of 3A masterpiece can guarantee a higher fluency. If you turn on the DLSS function of N card at this time, it can even run full frame rate of E-sports under 4K condition. For 3A players pursuing top performance, there is no more suitable graphics card than geforcertx3090hofex limited edition.

New generation of desserts, super large memory: Micro star magic dragon geforcertx3060gamingxtrio12g

Of course, the main demand of more players for the installation is cost performance. If you want to have both performance and high cost performance, the new generation of dessert level graphics card micro star magic dragon geforcertx3060gamingxtrio12g is very suitable. Compared with the previous generation, it not only increases the core size a lot, but also doubles the video memory directly to 12gb, so that in many large-scale games, the special effects are fully open, so it is not afraid of exploding video memory.

This generation of micro star magic dragon geforcertx3060gamingxtrio12g not only upgrades the performance, but also improves the energy efficiency ratio. The whole card power control is better than the previous generation. Therefore, it does not have high requirements for power supply, it will not compete with CPU for power consumption, and it can easily run on high frequency without too high configuration【 Click to buy]

Flagship before dry turning, performance leapfrog: sotay rtx3070x-gamingoc graphics card

If you want to talk about which of the next generation rtx30 series is more concerned, it is sotay rtx3070x-gamingoc, which is positioned as a medium and high-end graphics card slightly higher than dessert. But for the first time in theory, the performance of rtx2080ti is the same as that of rtx2080ti, which is rarely seen before. Even according to the previous upgrade rate, it takes two generations of iteration to have such performance.

Don’t forget that there is a difference between theoretical performance and practice. As sotay rtx3070x-gamingoc adopts a new generation of ampere architecture, it has more advantages than the previous generation of Turing architecture in the case of high resolution. So it can not only run 3A blockbuster with full special effects and high frame rate at 2K resolution, but also have the power of World War I even when it comes to 4K.

Unique appearance, a must-have for the beauty Party: Gengsheng rtx3070 xingjihongjue

In the installation party, there are quite a few players who attach great importance to appearance. For this kind of players, I even recommend Gengsheng rtx3070 Star Red Baron. It uses a colorful color matching, as well as excellent texture of electroplating decorative parts, just modeling is enough to attract the eye, but also with a larger area of RGB ceiling lamp, it is appropriate to create a cool chassis.

In addition to the unique shape, Gengsheng rtx3070 xingjihongjue also has many advantages. For example, its heat dissipation module has been improved. The PCB board is one section shorter than the heat dissipation module. With the hollow design of the back board, the air volume can be greatly increased, making the air duct of the whole graphics card more reasonable. In the long-term game, the core temperature can be taken away continuously to ensure high-frequency operation.

Performance price ratio, the choice of the middle end: Yingzhong rtx3060ti Binglong super edition

It is estimated that some other friends will say that I want cost performance and don’t want to sacrifice too much performance. Is there a suitable choice? Yingzhong rtx3060ti Binglong super edition is prepared for you. It is between rtx3060 and rtx3070. Although its performance is not as good as rtx2080ti as rtx3070, it also has better performance than rtx2080super. Even running 3A masterpiece at high resolution is no problem.

This Yingzhong rtx3060ti Binglong super version is also an improved graphics card in terms of heat dissipation. It uses six heat pipes and is closely connected with the GPU core, with higher heat conduction efficiency. With the expansion of the heat dissipation area, the temperature can be controlled at 63 ℃ under the full load condition, and the noise is only 50 dB. It won’t be like some graphics cards, which will “take off from Wuhu” as soon as they enter the game.

Conclusion: each has its own advantages, choose according to needs

In general, this generation of a card or n card, in terms of performance improvement is very surprising. The a card camp has video memory and wireless cache, while the N card has a new architecture and dlss2.0. The positioning and targeting of each different video card are also very clear. Do you know how to choose a suitable video card?

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