Continuing the hybrid architecture, Intel’s 13th generation core Raptor lake is exposed

Recently, well-known foreign media videocardz received a roadmap of Intel processor products, in which a new product code named Raptor lake was exposed.

Specifically, this roadmap is divided into two product lines. In 2020, the mobile platform will release the 11th generation of core tigerlake (which has been realized), which has the core of 10nm superfin process technology and the verification of Xe architecture; the desktop platform will release rocketlake-s (which has been extended to the first quarter of 2021), which will bring a new micro architecture and full range of services on the basis of 14nm + + New Xe architecture, as well as new overclocking features.

In 2021, Intel will unify its product line on desktop and mobile platforms, release alderlake series, adopt hybrid design, and package the performance core golden cove and energy efficiency core gracemont together, which is commonly known as the design of large and small cores. In addition, alderlake will also support ddr5 memory, pcie5.0 protocol and new hardware scheduler, which is a comprehensive test Upgrade.

According to this roadmap, Intel will launch a product code named Raptor Lake (13th generation core?) in 2022 It also covers mobile and desktop platforms. According to the description of new hybrid cpucore changes for improved performance, it is obvious that raptorlake will be the continuation of alderlake, and will continue to optimize on the basis of large and small cores to provide better performance; for mobile platforms, raptorlake will add dlvr power control and support lpddr5x memory; for desktop platforms, raptorlake will enhance cache to enhance game performance.

Author: Diamond Bay



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