4K + 144hz playing racing game are you sure this is not a movie?

It has been 137 years since the first internal combustion engine car was invented by German Karl Benz. Automobile can be said to be one of the most important things to change the history of human progress. It broadens our pace and enables us to explore a far and wider world. It can be said that every human who has the pursuit of speed wants to drive a performance sports car on the endless road, but the real traffic regulations and the expensive price of sports cars make us extremely limited. Fortunately, the emergence of video games allows us to drive millions of dollars of sports cars freely in the virtual world.

When it comes to well-known racing games, “dust 4” should be on the list《 Dust 4 can drive the strongest car ever to face the dangerous tracks in the planet’s rally, rally cross and Landrush. The refined ego4.0 game engine also creates a game scene comparable to the real track for players, which has been widely praised since its release in 2017.

For racing games, the improvement brought about by high resolution is more obvious. No matter the texture of the vehicle or the quality of the track image, every level of improvement is earth shaking. In order to better experience the highlights of “dust 4”, I used the previously evaluated aigong 4k144hz video game display ag274uxp to have a thorough game experience.

The configuration platform is as follows:

Keyboard and mouse I chose AOC’s agm700 game mouse and agk700 mechanical keyboard, both of which can reach the level of electronic competition, especially the keyboard’s light effect, supporting a variety of RGB changes, and the atmosphere is full.

Enter the game, I will show the options can pull full of Durman, rtx3090 with 4K “dust 4” should not be a big problem.

Thanks to the high resolution and 27 inch gold screen of aigong’s 4K monitor, every detail in the game screen is clearly visible. No matter the tire marks in the snow or the reflection of the pool in the mud, every screen reveals a sense of reality and immersion.

In the past, when using 4K monitor to play games, it was always locked at 60Hz. Although the clarity was guaranteed, for racing games, the frame rate of 60fps is far from smooth. The ag274uxp brings double benefits of 4K + 144hz, which enables us to enjoy a very clear vision and feel silky smooth at the same time.

The advantage of the game is that I can drive my favorite car at will. In the game, I chose an Audi TTS, which is a compact sports car with a four cylinder engine. The maximum torque can reach 350 n · m, and it takes only 5.4 seconds to accelerate 100 km, which is worthy of the name of “small steel gun”. In reality, the price of this car is 700000 yuan, so I can only flinch. But the charm of the video game is that it can simulate the world. In the game, I can drive this small beast to gallop on the picturesque European highway.

Screen delay, tearing and jamming are often nightmares of high frame rate games, especially for racing games. Coherent and delicate screen is the basis of players’ wonderful operation. Therefore, it is very important for the display to be equipped with anti tearing technology. Ag274uxp uses adaptive sync technology and is compatible with g-sync technology. It can make the display frame rate match the output frame rate of the graphics card in real time and keep the picture smooth all the time.

In the actual test, whether it is a large angle drift action or limit head flick, the game screen always maintains unity and stability.

In order to get a better game experience, ag274uxp also comes with a light shield, which can effectively block the external light from direct or refracting on the display surface, resulting in a large area of halo on the display.

After a period of game experience, I have been deeply in love with the “dust 4” game. The picture is beautiful, the operation is simple and real, and the restoration of the game vehicle is still in place. Especially in the 4K + 144hz screen, playing games is like watching an actual car race. I believe that if you have experienced it, you will have such a feeling, and love to attack ag274uxp is the key to bring you such a feeling.

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