Hard core operation! The foreign god does not install the radiator to turn on the machine directly to run the minute, the result has no suspense!

You should know that there used to be a lot of talented people in the past. Because they didn’t have enough money, they connected their computers with a set of “poor class” heat dissipation. The most hard core was an old man who directly used radish as a radiator. This natural heat dissipation method was unable to consume zero noise. Since then, it has become a popular legend in major digital forums, Let many onlookers present their knees.

In order to save money and adhere to the concept of “just use it”, all kinds of exotic heat dissipation methods have emerged one after another. But now the price of the radiator has been quite close to the people, this kind of play hard core cooling God post is also less and less. However, recently, a great God abroad has done something more “excessive” than brother Tuba: the naked CPU runs the computer directly, and even uses it to run a score.

He is the famous chip photographer Fritz Chens Fritz, who is famous for taking infrared images of the processor’s interior. Recently, he managed to boot the computer successfully without installing a radiator. The CPU is i5-11400. After boot, he used a thermal imager to capture the situation inside the CPU package, so as to see the process of the kernel operation.

However, without any heat dissipation, if the CPU is not limited, it will soon overheat and black screen. Therefore, he locked the CPU frequency at 800MHz, disabled the collective display, and turned off AVX instruction set and CPU hyper threading. The CPU buck is -0.200mv, and the dual channel DDR4 memory frequency is reduced to 1300mhz.

Fritzchens Fritz began to bake all the CPU cores with the famous software prime95, and finally came an all core toaster. However, because of the frequency locking, the power consumption was not high, only 17.34w. However, without heat dissipation measures, the core temperature directly soared to 100 degrees, and the temperature near the CPU core on the thermal image began to rise gradually, Up to 70 degrees.

After a short baking session, fritzchens Fritz didn’t stop. He even ran the cinebench R15 test. The load of this test was not as extreme as that of the toaster. Compared with the core temperature of the toaster, the power consumption was slightly lower. However, the packaging temperature of the CPU had reached 99 degrees.

Finally, he even turned on AVX and hyper threading, ran R15 again, and scored 106 points for single core and 116 points for multi-core. However, this is not important. The important thing is that his CPU seems to survive after three performance tests without radiator.

At the end of the video, fritzchens Fritz showed the main board’s memory error. The CPU failed to withstand the high temperature and fell down. However, it’s a very hard core test to observe the working condition of CPU without radiator. However, it’s still recommended that you cherish your CPU, don’t try to copy the operation of this God, and you must install the radiator before starting up.

Author: Science and technology



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