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Unconsciously, the annual 618 is coming again. For those who like to buy, you can’t miss this magnificent 618 feast. I’ve been lying in the shopping cart for a long time, and now I’m placing an order. I only need 2 / 3 or even 1 / 2 of the usual price to buy it! Innovation, as a brand dedicated to giving back to consumers, also brings us multiple benefits!

Moreover, innovative promotional activities are not complicated at all. As long as we pay the deposit during the pre-sale period from 00:00 on May 24 to 23:30 on May 30, and pay the balance at 00:00 on June 1, we can enjoy a 30% discount for every 200 Li from June 1 to 3. And fast hand friends, if you can pay the balance 30 minutes before the pre-sale order, you can immediately return 100% deposit. More details of discount activities are in the innovation of Jingdong flagship store. Interested friends should not miss this opportunity of price reduction!

Recommended product: creativeebble2.0

Creativeebble2.0 uses 45 ° The tilt up custom tuned far-field driver works in conjunction with the rear passive radiator to enable us to be a better listening center, reproducing audio details and immersive sound through an extensive and elevated sound field. Its built-in passive radiator and 4.4wrms power output enable it to provide balanced audio with depth, immersion and crystal clear details.

In addition, the details of creative ebble2.0 are exciting. The front panel volume control knob is convenient to adjust the output volume. At the same time, we can directly supply power through a single USB cable without wall socket, which is very convenient. For such a small speaker, it only costs 139 yuan to go to Jingdong flagship store during 618. What’s more, if you can succeed in the 10 minute second kill on June 1, then you can get it by reducing 40 yuan and 99 yuan. If you are interested, come and join us!

Recommended product: creativestageair

Creative stageair provides us with clear and powerful sound through two customized full frequency drivers. At the same time, its built-in large passive radiator can reproduce impressive bass without subwoofer, which can easily meet the audio enhancement function we need to watch movies, listen to music and even play games, and give us a more refreshing entertainment experience.

It has a built-in battery and lasts for up to 6 hours, so that we can continue to use the speaker to play audio without independent power supply. The high-speed and stable Bluetooth transmission and USB port help us enjoy a pleasant wireless playback experience. Can present the high quality broadcast effect it, June 1 00:00-00:10 limited time 239 yuan second bargain. Hand fast enough to save 110 yuan immediately, so you can’t miss the discount!

Recommended product: innovative sxfiair flyer Bluetooth headset

The innovative sxfiair flyer Bluetooth headset is equipped with superx-fi technology. It uses computational audio to reconstruct the listening experience of the high-end multi speaker system in the professional studio. It also uses simple head and auricle mapping program to customize the personalized audio for everyone, giving you a unique experience.

The operation mode of sxfiair is also very simple. We can use Bluetooth to connect to smart devices such as mobile phones, or connect them to the USB port of PS4 or Nintendo switch (base mode) through USB cable, and then we can enjoy the wonderful experience of headset holographic sound technology of sonic. By downloading sxfiaircontrol app, you can match 16 million different color matching schemes to meet your needs! This unique Bluetooth headset for sxfiair pilots can enjoy an unusual discount of 450 yuan during the 618 event. If you get 499 yuan, you can take it home.

Recommended product: innovative soundblastergc7

Innovative soundblastergc7 is a product that provides solutions for experienced gamers, and can provide us with a magic weapon to conquer any game. At the same time, we can also directly access a large number of programmable controls built into the device, so that we can switch quickly during the game. It is also equipped with dual DSP system, which brings us professional SoundBlaster audio processing expertise and award-winning SoundBlaster headset holographic sound technology. We have two Game Secrets of SoundBlaster combat mode and scout mode at one time.

In addition, we can adjust the game and chat volume, adjust the audio, microphone and other settings through gamevoicemix, and quickly switch any control between different sound modes, which is very convenient. It has four customizable buttons on the main body to quickly access your saved presets, including but not limited to customizing the RGB light on each button to match its settings, and using backlit led to play comfortably in the dark. You can’t miss it, which helps us win one after another in the game field! During 618, you can pay 20 yuan deposit in advance and enjoy 200 yuan discount. Such a high-quality product, only 1299 yuan! And in the first 30 minutes to pay the balance of friends, can enjoy 100% deposit cash back, very affordable!


With the large-scale preferential policies during 618, the four products recommended above can make us enjoy a more pleasant sound experience at ultra-low prices. With innovative products, after a hard day’s work, whether on the way home or at home, we are always accompanied by beautiful music with clear and strong sense of hierarchy, which can relieve our physical and psychological fatigue. 618 innovative products are worth recommending.

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