The top five highlights of our 315 brand day: stars, new products and great benefits!

At 19:00 on March 6, in the lettmall live studio, the highly anticipated “original boundless, make home more beautiful” i-le 315 brand day reward will be released with passion. This super shocking visual feast created exclusively by Wo Le home is not only an original spring new product show, but also an audio-visual event full of celebrities. What are the highlights and hot spots on the spot? Xiao Bian will take you to spy ahead of time!


Bright spot 1, star gathering, super large lineup

The event not only gathered many heavyweight stars, but also brought many phenomenal variety stars to the scene. Yu Kewei, the powerful songwriter in mainland China, Ma Weiwei, the queen of golden sentence, face band, the popular rock music group, sing women’s group, Asia’s first electronic national style group, and the original soul dancer, i Shen xukuo, a member of show dance company, and other faces who are active in popular variety shows such as sister riding the wind and waves, summer of the band, competition for supremacy in the dancing forest, and super speaker will be on the same stage at the feast of our 315 brand day.

There are various forms of the banquet, including passionate rock and rap, catchy pop music, fantastic ace talk show, and energetic net red dance. Just the right seamless connection, so that every program is enough to let people look forward to!


Highlight 2: gold medal design talent show, taste original story

With the transition of the home furnishing industry from the era of “product king” to the era of “design leading”, excellent product design and the original designers behind it have become the important wealth for the customized home furnishing brand to win the competition. For the first time, the top 15 gold medal design works of the first “Wo Le Heidi Shi” cup national design competition will be shown in the form of live broadcast.

It is reported that the first national design competition of “Wo Le · Heidi Shi” cup lasted for one year and attracted thousands of designers from more than 30 provinces and regions in China to participate. The Organizing Committee received nearly 10000 pieces of excellent designs. After comprehensive evaluation of works by professional jury + online voting, the top 100 designers in China were selected in November 2020. The design talent show was put in the first process of the whole ceremony, which shows that our company attaches great importance to innovation and original design.


Highlight 3: a variety of new spring products, leading a new round of home aesthetic trend

Since the theme of our 315 brand day is “original, boundless, make home more beautiful”, according to our previous leading product update rate, spring new product launch seems to become a habit. Of course, this year is no exception. It will bring a variety of high-quality new product appreciation, leading a new round of home aesthetic trend.

After all, all the time, our customized home products have the aura of “beautiful”, “special” and “high grade” in the impression of consumers. And I love home is indeed from the beginning of the establishment, has been adhering to the original design. Every new product must have applied for a patent; the original designer is the only basic position in our company that can obtain internal equity incentive All of these make our products with high recognition. So, what new products with high appearance and high quality will be released this year? The answer is coming soon!


Highlight 4: nationwide linkage, a real o2o battle involving thousands of stores

As a grand ceremony, it’s a pity that it’s only limited to the studio or the day. The long tail communication of thousand stores and thousand screens, and the actual o2o battle of online and offline links have become another highlight of this brand day. It is reported that after the event, there will be more than one thousand integral kitchen cabinets and whole house customized stores of Wo Le home across the country. The event will be spread synchronously and a large screen stage will be set up in shopping malls, shopping malls and other crowded places, which means that thousands of distribution stores and tens of thousands of precision users will be radiated.

That is to say, this grand ceremony and long tail communication turned an online live broadcast that could not have been more common into a “new strange” product promotion and sales activity with efficient connection between online and offline people and goods yards, and accurately built a package marketing closed loop of “star live broadcast – Product planting grass – online interaction – offline experience / online shopping – pre paid order”, deepening the “three links” of product promotion, product efficiency and product sales It is a new era of live broadcast marketing.

Highlight 5: the largest preferential subsidy for headquarters in the new year

It is reported that this live broadcast event is also the biggest preferential activity of our company in 2021. It not only includes the all-round top package activities, but also the annual maximum subsidy feast invested by our company headquarters! Gifts include a series of high-quality products such as home appliances and furniture; in addition, pre deposit is a gift; during the live broadcast, there are large amount of cash red envelopes, and more surprises to give back to consumers!


All in all, this innovative 315 brand day show will show you the stars you want to see, the programs you are looking forward to, the warm design talent show, the original new products you want to see in spring, and the long-awaited value-added discount activities. Lock in at 19:00 p.m. on March 6, I le home “original boundless, let home more beautiful” 315 brand day audio-visual feast, there are more surprises waiting for you!



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