360 security guard: build a safe and healthy online environment for 175 million minor Internet users



“The network protection of minors is a long-term and systematic work. We need to continuously improve the network protection system of minors and continuously improve the network protection level of minors by means of linkage, coordination and comprehensive management, giving full play to the power of the government, schools, families, platforms and society.” In a previous study, Associate Professor Jiang qiaolei wrote.

Talking about the color change of “net” is a true portrayal of some parents at present. With the increasing penetration of the Internet into young people, more and more minors use the Internet before school age IPad, notebook computer, desktop computer and so on have become the standard of minors’ life. The increase in the number of users also brings endless social problems, such as theft, Internet addiction, truancy and so on. Novel coronavirus pneumonia in early 2020 swept across the country, and primary school and primary schools in all regions opened the “online teaching” mode, which undoubtedly increased the time for minors to use the Internet. Many parents have mixed feelings about it.

There is a long way to go to protect the safety of teenagers’ Internet access and take care of their healthy growth. In order to discuss the issue of youth health online and keep the pure land of youth network, 360 security guards join hands with 360 browser, 360 search, 360 navigation, 360 fast information, “love to learn” online education platform, blue and blue reading, Beijing Luqing law firm, and invite professors from Tsinghua University to talk about “youth online security”.


The media communication meeting will be held on the afternoon of May 26 in Luqing law firm, Beijing No.1 International Art Park. At that time, the 360 PC security product division is responsible for Zhang Yunjian, head of the 360 navigation division, the head of the 360 search product, Zhao Jing, the senior director Lu Yiran of the 360 information abortion department, Zhang Jingwei, the 360 PC browser product director, Li Ya Tong, founder of Beijing Lu Qing law firm, and he Yan, founder of Tianqing blue. Zhao Wei, who is in charge of Aixue Chinese, and other guests attended the meeting. It is worth mentioning that Jiang qiaolei, associate professor and doctoral supervisor of School of Journalism and communication of Tsinghua University, and deputy director of intellectual media center, will also be invited to attend the meeting and have thematic exchanges on youth health, safe Internet access and other issues.

According to the 47th statistical report on the development of Internet in China, as of December 2020, the number of Internet users in China is 989 million, and the main body of the growth of Internet users is changing from young people to minors and the elderly. Among them, 3.1% and 13.5% of the netizens are under 10 years old and 10-19 years old respectively, and the trend of younger netizens is increasingly prominent《 This trend has also been confirmed by the National Research Report on Internet use of minors in 2019. According to the report, China’s minor Internet users will reach 175 million in 2019, and 93.9% of them will use mobile phones to access the Internet. Among them, the proportion of primary school students using the Internet for the first time is the highest, reaching 32.9%.

Behind the data, parents’ concerns are also revealed.

According to the survey, 13.8% of the minor Internet users did not know that they could not enter the commercial Internet cafes; 32.4% of the minor netizens did not know that they were not allowed to gamble or gamble in disguised form by using online games or other means; 36.9% of the minor Internet users did not know that they should not deliberately make or spread computer viruses and other destructive programs; 44.4% of the minor Internet users didn’t know that the website should obtain the consent of their guardians to collect the personal information of minors. Even 9.9% of minor netizens said they had never heard of the above-mentioned network security regulations.

Previously, in order to create a clean and healthy network environment for minors, the State Council Information Office held a press conference on 2021 “Qinglang” series of special actions on May 8, clarifying the requirements for innovation and optimization of “youth model”. Meanwhile, the network information department also organizes and guides the “youth mode” on all kinds of service providers, and guides the website platform to establish and perfect the exclusive content pool for minors, increase the supply of awesome content, minimize the negative information living space, and create a network environment conducive to the physical and mental health of minors.

In response to the call of the party and the state, 360 security guards joined hands with 360 security brain’s important product department to create the youth model product “Xiaobei guard plan” at the first time.

Not long ago, 360 security guard launched the 15th anniversary “comprehensive security” brand plan, using security technology, security big data, cloud computing and other emerging technologies, opening up 10 billion security big data, promoting the solution of industry security problems, and leading a new era of security ecology with “simple” and “peace of mind” as the core“ As the first show of 360 security guard’s “comprehensive security” brand program after its 15th anniversary, Xiaobei protection program not only integrates 360 group’s superior resources, but also takes advantage of the strength of all sectors of society, including law and education, to jointly create a safe online environment for young people. It is believed that 360 security guard will continue to voice this year and launch more and better functions.

In the future, 360 security guard will cooperate with 360 security brain, 32 protection systems and six security engines to further promote users’ network security, and provide more new solutions for more users to deal with network security problems such as privacy security and youth network security in the era of big security.



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