Qianhe flavor industry’s first compound seasoning

Beijing business daily (reporter Qian Yu, Wang Xiao) on May 19, a reporter from Beijing Business Daily found in the tmall flagship store of Qianhe flavor industry that Qianhe flavor industry has a new Chinese compound seasoning, focusing on Sichuan flavor. This product has five flavors: fish flavored shredded pork, Mapo Tofu, braised chicken with green shoots and potatoes, double cooked pork and spicy dry pot. The price is 42.8 yuan / 5 packages, and the single package price is 8.56 yuan. It is worth mentioning that this is the first time for Qianhe flavor industry to enter the compound condiment industry.

As for the advantages of compound seasoning, the relevant person in charge of Qianhe flavor industry said in an interview with Beijing business daily, “Qianhe flavor industry makes high-quality high-end soy sauce, vinegar and cooking wine. These basic seasonings are the advantages of Qianhe flavor industry and the foundation of high-quality compound seasonings; Sichuan flavor elements such as pickled pepper, pickled ginger and Douban are good at by Sichuan enterprises. Qianhe flavor industry has the unique authentic body feeling of Sichuan people. “

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