Ipad Mini 6 renderings may be released this month

According to relevant people’s guess, Apple may hold the spring new product launch on March 23. Although Apple hasn’t officially announced what new products will be released this spring, according to past practice, the main products released in the spring launch involve iPad, airpods, AppleTV and other product lines.

Although whether ipadmi6 will make its debut in spring is still unknown, the rendering of this model has been exposed on the Internet. According to speculation, the new generation of ipadmi will carry A14 chip and provide three internal storage solutions.

It’s interesting that more than 6.8% of OLEDs will be used through Internet. However, some Internet users revealed the product analysis diagram of ipadmi6 and said that the screen uses 8.9-inch LCD. At present, the news is mixed, the new version of ipadmi6 screen size in the end is still a suspense. If you have a choice, do you choose 8.4 inches or 8.9 inches? Say what you think and discuss it together!

Author: September


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