Wanma shares will spend no more than 200 million yuan to buy back shares of the company for equity incentive

On March 3, bobei.com, Wanma shares (securities code: 002276) recently announced that the company will buy back the company’s shares in the form of centralized competitive trading, with a maximum repurchase amount of 200 million yuan and a maximum repurchase price of 8.80 yuan per share. The repurchase period will not exceed 6 months. The shares to be bought back this time will be used for the company’s implementation of equity incentive plan or employee stock ownership plan.

万马股份将花不超2亿元回购公司股份 用于股权激励

It is understood that the type of shares to be repurchased this time is a shares. The total amount of funds for this share repurchase is not more than RMB 200 million (inclusive) and not less than RMB 100 million (inclusive). Under the condition that the price of the shares to be repurchased is not more than RMB 8.80 per share (inclusive), according to the upper limit of the repurchase amount, it is estimated that the number of shares to be repurchased is about 22.7272 million, accounting for about 1035489 of the company’s current total share capital, According to the lower limit of repurchase amount, the number of shares to be repurchased is estimated to be about 11.3636 million, accounting for about 1.10% of the total share capital of the company. The specific number of shares to be repurchased shall be subject to the actual number of shares to be repurchased at the expiration of the repurchase period, and the total number of shares to be repurchased shall not exceed 10% of the total issued shares of the company.

For the purpose of this repurchase, Wanma shares, based on its confidence in the future development of the company and its recognition of the company’s value, in order to effectively safeguard the interests of the majority of shareholders, enhance investor confidence, and enhance the long-term investment value of the company’s shares, and at the same time to fully mobilize the work enthusiasm of the company’s employees, effectively integrate the interests of shareholders, the company and employees, and improve the company’s management system The long-term incentive mechanism and benefit sharing mechanism of the company can promote the healthy and sustainable development of the company. After comprehensive consideration of the company’s development strategy, operation, financial situation and future profitability, the company plans to repurchase shares with its own funds.

As of September 30, 2020 (without audit), the total assets of the company is 8358268184.12 yuan, the net assets attributable to the shareholders of the listed company is 4430146924.92 yuan, the operating income is 6645785351.16 yuan, the net profit attributable to the shareholders of the listed company is 173159762.07 yuan, and the cash flow of the company is 1139864549.08 yuan. According to the data on September 30, 2020, the repurchase amount accounts for 2.39% of the total assets of the company and 4.51% of the net assets belonging to the shareholders of the listed company.

According to the actual operation and future development of the company, the company believes that the maximum repurchase amount of RMB 200 million will be used for repurchase, and the repurchase fund will be paid at the right time during the repurchase period, which has a certain flexibility. Moreover, the repurchase of shares is not for the purpose of cancellation, which will not affect the company’s R & D ability, profitability, debt performance ability and sustainable operation ability, and will not have any impact on the company’s operation, finance and management The future development will have a significant impact. After the implementation of this repurchase, it will not change the control right of the company, nor will it change the listing status of the company, and the distribution of shares still meets the conditions of listing.

According to the data of digbei network, Wanma company takes green energy transmission as its mission and can provide customers with intelligent transmission solutions.



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