Apple stops production of homepod smart speaker, and will focus on holding homepod Mini in the future

Driving China’s March 15, 2021 news: as we all know, on the track of smart speaker, the famous apple is not going smoothly. The homepod smart speaker, which was once pinned on high hopes, does not bear Apple’s expectations. The key is that the smart speaker market is being beaten by Amazon, Google, even Baidu and Ali, which makes Apple blush and feel helpless Apple has finally made a compromise and launched the homepod mini, a smart speaker, at a slightly lower price.

苹果停产HomePod智能音箱,未来要重点捧HomePod mini

As far as the current situation is concerned, the homepod mini smart speaker has obviously achieved success, which has also contributed to Apple’s best sales of smart speakers. According to the smart speaker research report released by strategy analytics, in the fourth quarter of 2020, with the help of homepod mini, Apple’s global shipments of smart speakers increased by 74% year on year. In terms of market share, Apple’s market share will reach 7.8% in Q4 in 2020, an increase of 3.1% over the previous year.

In essence, Apple’s homepod smart speaker is excellent enough to balance the high price, but it can’t be a reason to impress consumers. It’s just because of this that Apple launched the homepod mini smart speaker with more competitive price in the consumer market.

It is understood that the homepod mini smart speaker is equipped with S5 chip, which can bring the ultimate playback effect. When two homepodminis are close to each other, it can form a stereo effect. In addition, Siri is built into homepod mini, which not only plays music according to your voice commands, but also makes Siri smarter. Users can also access your iPhone applications through Siri on homepod Mini.

In fact, when Apple’s homepod Mini was just released, some people in the industry predicted that the homepod Mini might be more popular than the original homepod. The reasons are as follows: the price of the homepod Mini is $99, while the price of the homepod Mini is $299. However, the homepod Mini offers the same products as the homepod Mini Considering that most users use smart speakers to control their smart home devices, it is more meaningful to buy a low price smart speaker.



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