Entry level Zen 3 APU, sharp Dragon 3 5300g appears on eBay

From the end of 2020 to today, amd has gradually extended zen3 micro architecture to all product lines. Whether it is Vermeer for desktop platform or Cezanne for mobile platform, it has been widely concerned by the market. However, the low-end product line of AMD desktop platform is still dominated by the old zen2 micro architecture products, and the cheapest zen3 micro architecture desktop processor, the sharp dragon 55600x, is close to 2000 yuan.

This situation may soon change. At present, on foreign e-commerce eBay, the engineering sample of sharp dragon 55300g has been put on the shelves, and the price is $176.99.

The core of this project is the Ruilong 400035g, which is based on the Ruilong 400035g.

In the outflow test, the CPU-Z multi-core score of the sharp dragon 35300g exceeded 3000, while the single core score exceeded 570; the multi-core score of the cinebench R20 was 2685, which was significantly higher than the previous generation zen2 micro architecture 4-core processor sharp dragon 34350g.

It is understood that the sharp dragon 5000g series APU will be officially launched in the first half of this year, but whether the series products will enter the DIY retail market or only belong to OEM models is still uncertain

Author: Diamond Bay



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