The fragrant fragrant Baijiu was officially approved and formally implemented in April 1, 2022.

Beijing business daily (reporter Zhao Fengrui) on March 14, a reporter from Beijing business daily learned that the State Administration of market supervision and administration and the State Standardization Administration jointly issued a notice on Approving the release of 362 recommended national standards such as & lt; internal combustion engine piston ring part 4: quality requirements & gt.

馥郁香型白酒正式获批 2022年4月1日正式实施

The Beijing Commercial Daily reporter noted in the announcement that the serial number 45 shows that “Baijiu quality requires eleventh parts: fragrant and fragrant Baijiu”. This means that the aromatic Baijiu was officially approved and the standard number “GB/T 10781.11-2021” was formally implemented from April 1, 2022. This also indicates that the fragrant flavor Baijiu has become the Eleventh National Standard flavor after the rice flavor, fragrance, Luzhou flavor, old white dry flavor, Phoenix flavor, sesame flavor, thick sauce and flavor, soy sauce, special flavor and soy flavor baijiu. It is understood that “Baijiu quality requirements eleventh parts: fragrant fragrant Baijiu” part of the liquor drafting company led by drafting.

Chinese Baijiu Baijiu Baijiu is also a good wine for the development of the liquor industry. The industry said that the release of this standard is conducive to the expansion of the influence of the fragrant liquor category and the promotion of the high quality development of the fragrant liquor. It will also help the fragrant liquor to promote the diversified and high-quality development of the Baijiu industry in China.

In fact, the fragrant liquor has been officially approved and passed through 16 years through its identification and identification through the state and to the fragrant Baijiu baijiu. According to public information, in 2005, the fragrant Baijiu liquor was certified and certified by the state. In 2007, it was determined to have a typical style of fragrant flavor. In 2008, the fragrant flavor Jiugui Liquor was certified by the national geographic indication protection product. By 2021, the national standard of fragrance type will be officially approved, and will be formally implemented from April 1, 2022.

China’s food industry analyst Zhu Dan Peng said that the national flavor of the fragrant flavor was approved, which gave the market support to the fragrant Baijiu liquor. With the national standard of unification, the fragrant Baijiu really entered the view of the whole nation. Jiugui Liquor is the most beneficial beneficiary of China’s Baijiu flavor liquor. With the continuous development of Jiugui Liquor, the future fragrant Baijiu will also be regionalized and nationalized.

Beijing business daily learned from Jiugui Liquor’s 2020 performance forecast that Jiugui Liquor is expected to achieve a net profit of 455 million yuan to 495 million yuan belonging to the shareholders of Listed Companies in 2020, a year-on-year increase of 51.92% to 65.28%; the basic earnings per share is 1.4003 yuan / share to 1.5234 yuan / share, a year-on-year increase. Jiugui had also said that the company will take “China’s fragrant Baijiu” as its strategic positioning in 2020.

Zhu Danpeng further said that the fragrant Baijiu is a unique flavor of Jiugui Liquor, and it has a certain bonus for the Baijiu market in Xiangxi. But on the whole, fragrance is just a market segment. Although the fragrance type has the core formula, origin and technology. However, the volume of this regional fragrance is still very small. With the Chinese Baijiu market continuing to develop and the promotion of Jiugui Liquor, the fragrance will probably open its reputation in the national market. But this is a long-term strategy, and it will take a long time to layout and develop it.

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